Yung Pinch

Rapper, Hip-Hop Singer
27 year
5 Feet 6 Inches
65 kg (143 lb)
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    The American singer was born on April 6, 1997, now 22 years old, his real name is Blake Sandoval, and Yung was born in Huntington Beach, California, USA. He is an American rapper and also a hip-hop singer with the nickname Yung pinch. Yung began singing at an early age, helping him to adapt quickly to the world of great music.

    Yung Pinch
    Yung Pinch

    He is of Spanish, Russian and German origin and has a lot of information about those countries. His passion for musical instruments since childhood was the greatest motivation for learning music and singing, which made him develop himself quickly, to keep up with this crazy world.

    Yung Pinch
    Yung Pinch


    Like most of the singers, Yung was born in a family that loved music. Most of his family members were famous singers. For him, the love of music came from being with them, and he became a lover of musical instruments, like drums. Yung spent most of his time on the beach practicing his hobbies, but before his birth, his parents were addicted to drugs, and as a natural result; This did not allow them to take good care of him, so he spent most of his childhood in his grandmother's house, who he took care of when he was young.

    Yung Pinch
    Yung Pinch

    Although he grew up in this socially disintegrated family, he was a young man who was able to take on a great deal of responsibility. His grades were very good at school and he succeeded continuously despite all this family disintegration. While his grandmother was taking care of him, she worked as a nurse in a hospital. When he was eleven years old, his grandfather died, who had helped him become an adult.

    Yung Pinch
    Yung Pinch

    Music career

    He started practicing singing when he was in school, where he learned freestyle rap, then he listened to the East Coast Hip hop. When he was in high school, he recorded some songs with Brandan, who helped him to enter the world of output. Then Yung wanted to express his style freely, so he uploaded his songs on the SoundCloud platform.

    In 2016, he uploaded his first Mixtape in his career on the SoundCloud platform, which was named 714Ever, which helped him get millions of views and follow-ups that made him a famous star. Yung then performed several successful performances, with many bands and singers such as Migos, Young Thug, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

    Personal life

    Yung is known for not spending too much time on Social Media and has said before that he is a mysterious dark world that should not be deepened inside. He spent most of his childhood in his grandmother's house, making him responsible. He learned from the mistakes of his parents and moved away from drug addiction.

    Net Worth

    Yung Pinch does not have much of the money he made during his career, as his wealth and his total funds amount to nearly $200,000.