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    David East is an American rapper, actor and songwriter. He has released a number of songs and albums. Equally important, he has portrayed several roles in films. As a result of that, he has gained fame. In this piece, we will take a look at the journey of Dave East to success. Check it out!


    Dave East was born on 3rd June 1988 as David Lawrence Brewster, Jr. He was born in Seaford, Delaware, New York City. However, he grew up in East Harlem before moving to Queensbridge as a teenager.

    When he became of age, David East then David Lawrence Brewster, Jr joined Springbrook High School. While there, one would have thought that his future career would be based on the sports industry. That’s because he played not only basketball but also football. He then joined the University of Richmond before transferring to the Towson University. His stay there was also not conclusive since he left before graduating due to discipline issues.

    Incredible Dave East
    Incredible Dave East

    Rap career

    His first rap career landmark was in 2010 when he released his first mixtape by the name Change of Plans. Then, he released others such as Gemini, No Regrets, Don't Sleep, American Greed and Insomnia.

    Dave East has released other albums. They include Paranoia 2, Paranoia: A True Story, Kairi Chanel and Hate me Now among others.

    Thanks to his incredible talent, Dave East was a nominee of the BMI R&B/ Hip-Hop Awards.


    His breakthrough came about when his music caught the attention of Nas. Within a short period, they had connected thanks to Jungle who is Nas' younger brother. After that, Nas signed him with his Mass Appeal Records. The mixtape that he released next titled Black Rose was a big hit. Later, he signed with the Def Jam Recordings. David East was also named as one of the XXL magazine’s 2016 Freshman Class.

    Personal life

    His relationship status as of today is not clear. However, he has a child with his former girlfriend. Her name is Kairi Chanel Brewster. She was born on 9th March 2016.


    Net worth (salary)

    David East has an estimated net worth of about $600,000. He has several sources of income. For instance, he writes songs. In addition to that, he is a rapper who has released quite a number of mixtapes. David East has also played a number of roles in various films. All those activities have contributed to his current net worth.