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    Andra Day, originally named Cassandra Monique Batie, is an exceptional songwriter and singer from California, United States. She surfaced as a talented artist in 2015 when she launched her debut studio album titled ‘Cheers to the Fall’. The album proved to be an extraordinary hit and peaked at the 48th spot on the US Billboard Hot 200 chart. It played a very significant role in making Day a well-known female singer in America. It received the ‘Best R&B Album’ nomination. The lead single titled ‘Rise Up’ also got nominated for the Best R&B Performance. Andra made several wonderful appearances on the American television and made everyone stunned with the kind of talent she has been blessed with.

    She embarked on memorable musical journeys. All of her musical tours and concerts proved to be fruitful and added more to her rising fame. Unlike many other rappers and musicians, Andra choose different music genres for his albums. She has focused on genres including pop, soul, blues, and R&B. The talented lady excelled in these genres. Even other rap artists and critics admired her amazing songs. She signed deals with Buskin Records and Warner Brothers Records to launch her albums.

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    Andra Day performs onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

    Who are Andra Day’s Father and Mother?

    Andra was born on Dec 30, 1984, to unknown parents. She never disclosed information about her father and other family members. She was born in Spokane, Washington when her parents were there. At the age of three, the marvelous girl relocated to Southern California and spend early days of life with her family in San Diego, California. She grew up in a religious family where they used to visit Church every Sunday.

    Andra received the opportunity to sing at the local church, the First United Methodist in Chula Vista, CA. People at Church admired her powerful voice and unique singing abilities. She began taking dance classes at the age of five. Andra went to Valencia Park School where she showed great interest in arts. She was introduced to well-known jazz vocalists such as Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald. These celebs were amazed by her powerful vocals. They suggested the girl pursue a career in the music industry. Andra went to the School of Performing and Creative Arts in San Diego and completed her graduation degree in 2003.

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    Andra Day attends ABC's "American Idol" Finale on May 19, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

    Music Career

    After completing her school education, Andra worked twenty jobs to earn a livelihood. She also worked as a child entertainer at one point in life. In 2010, she grabbed the attention of Stevie Wonder’s wife who later introduced Day to her husband. After a few days, she received a phone call from Wonder and he showed interest in taking her to the music industry. They formed a partnership for a collaborative effort. She started to get traction in the US music industry due to her exceptional musical skills. She always wanted to win the hearts of American music enthusiasts. The talented girl worked day and night to get the breakthrough opportunity.

    Day signed a contract with Buskin Records in 2011. The record label was created by Jeffrey Evans. Later on, he signed a record deal with another music label Warner Brothers. Andra earned a good reputation with her debut studio album ‘Cheers to the Fall’. It was officially launched on Aug 28, 2015, by Warner Brothers Records. The album reached 48th, 6th, and 3rd places on the US Billboard, US Hip Hop chart, and US R&B chart respectively. It helped her in becoming one of the most influential music artists in America. All songs from her first album were well-received across the United States and beyond.

    She launched her extended play titled ‘Merry Christmas from Andra Day’ on Oct 28, 2016. It was released by Warner Brothers in the form of a digital download. Some of the most popular singles from the stunning singer include ‘Forever Mine’, ‘Someday at Christmas’, ‘Rise Up’, and ‘Gold’. She has also made striking guest appearances on music videos launched by other artists. A few noteworthy mentions are ‘New York’, ‘Burn’, ‘Empire State of Mind’, ‘Visiting Hour’, ‘Story of Everything’, ‘The Only Way Out’, and ‘Standing Up for Something’. In 2016, she won the Powerhouse award at the Billboard Women in Music.

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    Personal Life

    Andra Day is a beautiful lady with a seductive appearance. She has an attention-grabbing personality that makes everyone fall in love with the stunner. Andra remained romantically involved with more than a few handsome men of the showbiz industry. Although she has been linked with many men in the past, yet the girl confirmed her love association only with Don Bowie. The 35-year old stunner hasn’t married anyone as yet. There is no word available regarding her wedding or engagement. She doesn’t seem to marry in the near future due to professional business.


    Net Worth

    Andra grew up in a poor family. She faced bad times at an early age. The girl made up her mind to pursue a career in the professional music industry. She worked numerous jobs to support her mother and the rest of the family. Finally, she made debut in the music industry and launched her official studio album. People really liked her voice and singing abilities. She went on different music tours to earn both popularity and money. Music is the only source of income of the lady. Andra Day has a net worth totaled $4 Million. She is gaining quick fame across the United States and beyond.