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    Mike Shinoda, named Michael Kenji Shinoda at the time of birth, is an American graphic designer, singer, rapper, musician, songwriter, and record producer. In 1996, he co-founded the famous rock band named Linkin Park and became the rhythm guitarist, producer, keyboardist, co-lead vocalist, and the primary songwriter. In 2004, he founded a side project named ‘Fort Mini’ and started to work on it with great dedication. The multitalented lad also served as a producer for albums and tracks by X-Ecutioners, Styles of Beyond, and Fiasco. He has proved his powerful musical abilities on different platforms across the globe. Shinoda has been able to grab the attention of millions of followers from different parts of the world.

    He was born in Panorama City and grew up in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, California. He joined hands with two school friends named Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson to form ‘Xero’, which later renamed as Linkin Park. Other members that joined this group were Mark Wakefield, Joe Hahn, and Dave Farrell. After some time Wakefield replaced the lead vocalist Chester Bennington. The former started to perform outstandingly and earned a positive reputation. The band successfully signed a contract with the famous music label, Warner Brothers Records.

    The spectacular musician also co-founded the Machine Shop Records. Another member who helped Mike in founding this music label was none other than the amazing Brad Delson. Shinoda has been enjoying a happy married life since 2003. He married the beautiful and stylish Anna Hillinger. He is a father of two adorable kids. Shinoda is experienced in various music genres including, alternative metal, alternative rock, hip hop, rap-rock, nu-metal, and electronic rock. He is known as a lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist.

    Bio+parents info

    Shinoda was born on Feb 11, 1977, to a very loving family. He opened eyes in Panorama City, near Los Angeles, California, United States. The future star spent the early days of his life in Agoura Hills, California. Mike’s father belongs to the Japanese-American group. The name of his younger brother is Jason. Both of them have a very lovely relationship together. Shinoda’s mother always inspired him to become a musician. She supported him throughout his childhood and urged him to pursue a career in the music industry. He was just six years of age when mother encouraged him to take piano lessons. He showed a willingness to move on and learn hip-hop, jazz, and blues.

    Mike went to Agoura High School with his best friends Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson. The trio created Xero at the beginning of their musical career and always tried to brainstorm innovative ideas. After completing his graduation from high school, Mike stepped in the Illustration and graphic design industries and enrolled in Art Center College of Design. He faced an identity crisis while studying at the college. The future musician completed his graduation in 1998 and earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts. After completing his studies, he got job of a graphic designer.

    Music Career

    Shinoda took his official start with Linkin Park and launched the first studio album ‘Hybrid Theory in 2000. On Mar 25, 2003, the rock band brought its 2nd studio album ‘Meteora’. Again it was released by Warner Brothers and received critical acclaim soon after being available to the public.

    On May 14, 2007, Linkin Park rolled out its 3rd studio album with caption ‘Minutes to Midnight’. On Sep 8, 2010, the same rock band launched its 4th studio music album ‘A Thousand Suns’ via Warner Brothers Records. The lyrics of the entire album were written by Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda.

    On Jun 20, 2012, Linkin Park’s 5th studio album ‘Living Things’ was officially launched for music enthusiasts. It came out through Machine Shop Recordings and Warner Brothers Records. The production part was handled by Shinoda. On Jun 13, 2014, Mike worked harder to make Linkin Park’s 6th album a great success and launched it under the heading ‘The Haunting Party’.

    The final and the most recent album from the group was launched under the caption ‘One More Light’. It was rolled out on May 19, 2017, via Machine Shop Recordings and Warner Brothers Records.

    Linkin Park

    Shinoda began his official music career while being part of his band ‘Linkin Park’. On Oct 24, 2000, he alongside his friends launched the debut studio album ‘Hybrid Theory’. This was the first album from the famous American band, Linkin Park. It was released through Warner Brothers. The debut studio album received diamond certification by the RIAA. It turned out as one of the best-selling musical collections in the United States. The American rock band released 6 more fantastic music albums (mentioned above).

    Fort Minor

    As Fort Minor, the stunner launched ‘The Rising Tied’ on Nov 22, 2005. This was the first and only studio collection of songs released by Fort Minor. It came out by Machine Shop Recordings and Warner Brothers Records. Mike Shinoda was the producer and Jay-Z was the executive producer of the album. Most of the songs were based on rap-rock and alternative hip hop genres. He didn’t launch any further music projects under Fort Minor.

    Solo Career

    The debut solo studio album of Mike Shinoda was released on Jun 15, 2018, with title ‘Post Traumatic’. It was a great commercial success. He announced this album on Mar 29, 2018. Fans of the fantastic musician got excited to listen to his first-ever solo studio collection of songs. The full length of the album was 53 minutes and it was recorded between 2017 and 2018. He is likely to launch more music albums as a soloist.

    Mike Shinoda - Fine

    Personal Life

    Shinoda comes from a Japanese American background. His aunt and grandfather interned in the internment camp during World War Two. Mike tied the wedding knot with his love of life, the author Anna Hillinger, in 2003. The couple has been blessed with two beautiful kids. They are living a happy life together. No other affairs or previous relationships have been reported.

    Net Worth

    Mike has worked hard to prove his worth in the American music industry. He started working to achieve his dream in childhood. He was studying at school when started writing songs. The talented guy joined hands with school friends to form a rock band, Linkin Park. Today, he owns a total net worth of $23 Million.