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    Mike Stud was born on Oct 30, 1988, in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States. He is a well-known hip hop artist and former baseball enthusiast. After entering the world of entertainment in 2010, he has launched many wonderful tracks for his fans. Although he had to struggle at the beginning of his professional career, yet he became successful after the launch of his hit number ‘College Humor’. The rap artist has worked under 300 Records, Electric Feel, and Atlantic Records. He made an exclusive name in the American hip hop industry through his fabulous songs.

    Aside from being a striking musician, the multitalented lad is also known to be a baseball relief pitcher at the Duke University. He played a lot of baseball matches during his study era at the University. He excelled in both music and baseball careers. He underwent Tommy John Surgery after suffering from severe arm issues. After getting recovered from health issues, he began taking interest in music. He listened to many renowned music artists while waiting for his arm to get recovered. He launched a fabulous video titled ‘College Humor’ in December 2010. He created this song just for humor, but later officially launched this. The song has received more than 2.4 million YouTube views as of March 2018. It boosted his confidence and urged him to launch more splendid music videos.

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    Stud has officially launched three studio albums under the titles ‘Relief’, ‘Closer’, and ‘These Days’. All three albums received positive feedback from fans and even critics. Furthermore, he released 8 mixtapes consisting of superb songs. His first mixtape came out under the caption ‘A Toast to Tommy’ in 2011. After the successful experience, he kept on releasing more mixtapes to quench the music thirst of his fans.

    Who are Mike Stud's Parents?

    Mike has been very close to his parents since birth. He spent the entire childhood in the beautiful company of his father and mother. Stud was born on Oct 30, 1988, in Cranston, Rhode Island, United States. The name of his beloved mother is Mary Seander while his father is known as Michael Seander.

    He completed his graduation in 2006 from St. Raphael Academy located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He always wanted to participate in baseball and basketball due to his towering height and robust body. He played a lot of baseball and basketball during his early days of life. The fabulous efforts from the future musician helped him in winning the title of ‘Gatorade Player of the Year’ in 2006. As a result, he received an athletic scholarship to continue his studies at Duke University.

    He scored remarkable points while playing baseball games for different teams at the beginning of his career. The tough guy posted an ERA of 0.91 and a 9-2 record during his senior season. Furthermore, he achieved another title ‘Louisville Slugger Player of the Year’. The future celebrity was very enthusiastic and industrious from the beginning. That’s the reason he has achieved many wonderful accomplishments soon after entering the professional world.

    Baseball Career

    After the successful completion of his graduation, Stud went to Duke University located in Durham, North Carolina. One of the core purposes of attending the University was playing baseball. His study era at the Duke University was accompanied by current New York Mets pitcher named ‘Marcus Stroman’. Generally, he is known as the best friend of Mike Stud. Both of them have spent years together at the University. Seander came out with flying colors in 9 games in a total of 28 appearances. He was able to earn a 1.61 ERA which was the lowest score in the entire history of Duke University. Those nine saved games were the 5th highest total in his entire school history. Finally, the star was named to the Rivals.com and Louisville Slugger Freshman All Americans teams.

    He spent summer 2007 as a closer for collegiate baseball team Newport Gulls in NECBL. The multitalented guy had to suffer from arm injuries. In order to get rid of arm issues, he underwent the Tommy John Surgery. He couldn’t join any team in the 2009 season due to that injury. Seander secured a 3.4 GPA while completing his All-ACC Honor Roll graduation from Duke University. Finally, he selected the Georgetown University for his final college year. His performance while being part of the new alma mater has been outstanding.

    Music Career

    After getting recovered from arm injury, he started pursuing a career in the American music industry. He rose to prominence after launching his music video titled ‘College Humor’ in December 2010. According to the future musician, he recorded the number just for the sake of humor. He wanted to make his baseball teammates feel happy. However, the music video turned out to be the breakthrough that Mike needed to flourish in the American music world. It garnered more than 2.4 million views on YouTube. He rolled out another wonderful track ‘In This Life’ after seeing the unexpected response for his first video. The 2nd song included a guest appearance from a famous rapper named Alex Lagemann.

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    On May 13, 2013, Stud released his official debut studio album ‘Relief’ which received a massive appreciation from all over the world. On Jul 7, 2014, he came up with his 2nd studio album ‘Closer’ and made his fans feel awesome with striking compositions and jaw-dropping lyrics. In 2016, the musician launched his third musical endeavor in form of a studio album ‘These Days’. Apart from studio albums, Mike also rolled out 8 fantastic mixtapes to quench the music thirst of his fans. These came out under titles such as ‘A Toast To Tommy’, ‘SundayStudTape’, ‘Click w/ Huey Mach’, ‘It’s Spring Break, Homie’, ‘Uhyuready?’, ‘This isn’t The Album’, ‘SundayStudTape Volume 2’, and ‘4TheHomies’.

    Does Mike Stud have a Girlfriend?

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    Mike attracted more than a few celeb ladies after entering the world of entertainment. Most of his music videos are based on getting wild or hooking up. Today, Mike has become a one-woman man. According to the recent information, Stud is dating the beautiful model Josie Canseco. She is the daughter of Jose Canseco. The baseball player and awesome musician hasn’t been reported in any other relationship lately. He has not fathered any child from his previous alleged romantic associations.

    How much is Mike Stud's Net Worth?

    Stud wasn’t a well-off man before stepping into the professional singing world. He wanted a sound source of income to live a life of his dreams. The major source of income includes music and baseball. After launching mixtapes and studio albums, he collected an estimated net worth totaled at $1.6 Million.