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    Widely famous as Scarlxrd, Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop, is the impressive songwriter and rapper from Great Britain. The guy became overwhelmingly popular due to his unusual style of singing. He mixed different musical elements such as heavy metal and trap music. In the beginning, he used to be a famous YouTube personality known as Mazzi Maz. He started his musical endeavor by serving as the lead vocalist of the British music band ‘Myth City’. He kept singing for the band for a long time before starting his solo career as a songwriter and rapper. He introduced himself as Scarlxrd while starting the professional career as a soloist.

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    Scarlxrd became internationally famous after the official release of his music video ‘Heart Attack’. It became overwhelmingly popular all over the world. As of December 2019, this particular video has gained more than 70 million views on video streaming website, YouTube. The rising rap star launched back to back hit music numbers after the unexpected success of his first music video. Other hit songs from Scarlxrd are ‘Head Gxne’, ‘King, Scar’, ‘6 Feet’, and ‘Berzerk’. He has launched music videos under Lxrd and Island Records.

    Marius entered the professional music industry in 2012 and since then he has launched more than a few sensational numbers. He gained experience in different music genres such as nu-metal, SoundCloud rap, hip hop, trap metal, and rap metal. He has performed associated acts with Muppy and Myth City. He was born in West Midlands, England. The 25-year old rapper has high aims to build a strong reputation in the British hip hop industry. He has plans to launch numerous studio albums in the future.

    Who are Scarlxrd's Parents?

    Antonio was born on Jun 19, 1994, in Wolver Hampton, West Midlands, England. The rapper has never unveiled information about his father or mother. He was raised alongside a very loving sister named Claire. He used to practice kickboxing during his childhood. The rapper attended a college where he studied media production. He was keenly interested in music from an early age. That’s the reason why he remained focused on pursuing a career in the music industry.

    Scarlxrd was impressed and inspired by other musicians such as Missy Elliot, Nelly, and Eminem. He used to copy their style and show his musical talent in front of friends and family. Furthermore, he was influenced by ‘Rage Against the Machine’ and ‘Linkin’ Park’. His parents motivated him to become a professional songwriter and rapper in the future.

    Music Career

    Marius kicked off his professional endeavor by creating an official YouTube channel titled ‘TheMazziMaz’. He created this channel in April 2012 and began uploading singles. Initially, he recorded vlogs at home and uploaded them to his official channel. The first video of the future singer was titled ‘Ask Maz’. Marius’ video ‘Epic Fries Challenge’ garnered thousands of views after a couple of -days. He has uploaded many fabulous songs throughout his professional career.

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    Scarlxrd laid the foundation of rap-rock and nu-metal band ‘Myth City’. He served as the lead vocalist of the band and earned a lot of appreciation from listeners. The Band’s YouTube channel soon became popular and gained a lot of subscribers from all over the world. At the end of 2016, he launched his debut studio albums. The first one was self-titled album captioned with Japanese characters スカー藩主 and the 2nd one as Rxse. These two albums received a mixed response from music enthusiasts.

    The confident British rapper rolled out two more spectacular albums titled ‘Chaxsthexry’ and ‘Cabin Fever’. These turned out to be successful launches and helped him reach a wider audience. Later on, he made a splash with his next album ‘Lxrdszn’, which was launched on Sep 29, 2017 via LXRD Records. On May 4, 2018, Marius released ‘Dxxm’ via LXRD and Island Records. On Mar 15, 2019, the British rapper launched his next studio album ‘Infinity’ via LXRD and Island Records. It was released in different formats such as DL, CD, CS, and LP. On Oct 4, 2019, Marius rolled out his next album titled ‘Immxrtalisatixn’ via LXRD and Island Records. The most recent album ‘Acquired Taste Vxl 1’ came out on Dec 13, 2019, via Island and Lxrd Records.


    Marius combined heavy metal and trap music and presented as ‘Trap Metal’. That’s the reason his music is often related to SoundCloud rap artists. He was described as the ‘Tormented outsider hip hop artist’ in an NME article published in 2018. The guy is also known as ‘rap-metal overlord’. According to musicians, his style is often categorized as ‘Screamed Vocals’. Marius has a great understanding of music and that’s the reason he has been pretty successful since his official debut.

    Does Scarlxrd have a Girlfriend?

    The British rapper is also known as Marius Listhrop and Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop. After entering the world of entertainment, he attracted many stylish women from the British and American music industry. According to majority sources, Scarlxrd is possibly single. He has not unveiled anything about his love life. He is constantly paying attention to his professional life. The talented rapper has plans to launch numerous mixtapes, singles, and studio albums in the future. He wants to see himself among top music artists in the British music industry.

    How much is Scarlxrd's Net Worth?

    Scarlxrd is one of the most industrious musicians in today’s hip hop world. He has achieved a lot of significant recognitions in the past three years. He is one of those hip hop artists who launched successful music albums over the last three years. Scarlxrd officially stepped into the rap world on Oct 21, 2016, when he launched his Japanese titled album. Later on, he served his music fans with 8 more outstanding albums, which were launched via Island and Lxrd Records. The young rapper owns an estimated net worth of $500,000.