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    D.R.A.M. or DRAM is one of the most prestigious singers and rappers from the United States. Born as Shelley Marshaun Massenburg Smith, he honed his professional skills as an actor, songwriter, and rap artist. The guy has released many splendid numbers through Empire Distribution and Atlantic Records. He surfaced as an outstanding artist after the release of his world-famous hit singles ‘Cha Cha’ and ‘Broccoli’. Both songs received critical acclaim from all over the world. He continued to roll out more exciting numbers after the overwhelmed success of initial tracks. He featured Lil Yachty in Broccoli, which received positive reviews from critics.

    In Oct 2016, the rapper came up with his full-fledged studio album titled ‘Big Baby DRAM’. It became a massive success for the rising star. It was released through Empire and Atlantic Records on Oct 21, 2016. The album went into top charts on US and Canadian markets. Furthermore, it received Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. He has launched four remarkable extended plays thus far in his professional rap career. These came out under titles #1 Epic, #1 Happy Holiday, Google Play (Live at the Milk Jam Room), and That’s a Girls Name. Generally, these were positive hits launched by the stunner.

    On Oct 23, 2015, he brought a fantastic mixtape titled ‘Gahdamn!’. He has launched an array of striking singles aside from mixtapes, EPs, and albums. Furthermore, he got featured in hit songs made by other artists. His track titled ‘Cash Machine’ received a gold certification from RIAA. The rapper is originally from Hampton, Virginia, United States. He has become an experienced artist when it comes to talking about genres such as trap, hip hop, soul, and R&B. He kicked off his professional career in 2009. The DRAM is still focusing on his career to become a leading rapper in the United States.

    Who are D.R.A.M.'s Parents?

    DRAM was born on Aug 3, 1988, in Rhineland Palatinate, West Germany. He was less than one year old when the entire family relocated to the United States. Parents of the future rapper were settled in Hampton, Virginia. DRAM’s mother served in the US military. No information could be obtained regarding the rapper’s father. It seems like his mom was the only one who raised her child. According to some sources, Shelley’s father was absent when they moved to the USA. It wasn’t an easy thing for a single mother to work at the US military and focus on the upbringing of her child. However, she managed everything flawlessly.

    Shelley was passionate about music from the beginning. He always wanted to become a rapper in the future. He remained involved in singing and rapping during his educational era. Soon after the completion of his education, he started pursuing a career in the professional rap industry. He stepped into the world of rapping through stage names such as Big Baby D.R.A.M., Drama J, and Only 1 D.R.A.M.

    Rap Career

    Shelley surfaced as a remarkable rapper in 2015 when he launched his debut extended play titled ‘# 1 Epic’ via Empire Distribution and Atlantic Records. The EP contained the hit track ‘Cha Cha’, which secured 1st position on the Bubbling under Hot Hip Hop Singles Chart. He released his debut mixtape captioned ‘Gahdamn’ in October 2015.

    DRAM received his breakthrough in form of his fabulous track ‘Broccoli’ which featured the American rapper Lil Yachty. The single became an international hit and gained global success. It was peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. On Jul 15, 2016, he launched his 2nd extended play titled ‘Google Play: The Live at the Milk Jam Room’. It was ranked 37 on the US Billboard and gained massive attention from fans within the United States and beyond.

    On Jul 18, 2018, DRAM pushed his next extended play under the caption ‘That’s a Girls Name’ via Empire and Atlantic Records. He also launched a fabulous mixtape titled ‘Gahdamn’ on Oct 23, 2015, which came out in digital download format. It was rolled out via Empire and Atlantic Records.

    DRAM’s debut studio album ‘Big Baby DRAM’ was launched on Oct 21, 2016, via Empire and Atlantic Records. The rapper was astonished to see a tremendous response from music circles and global fans. The album was peaked at number 19 on the US Billboard. It also went into top charts in Canada and other major countries. The first official studio album received Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. The rapper has released many outstanding singles such as Gilligan, Cute, Group Thang, Cash Machine, The Lay Down, and Crumbs. Furthermore, he got featured in musical hits of other artists and received appreciation from fellow rappers.

    Is D.R.A.M. Married?

    The DRAM is 31-year old as of August 2019. He has been romantically associated with a few beautiful women since his debut as a professional rapper and singer. However, the rap artist has never talked openly regarding his private life. It looks like he likes keeping his relationship history hidden from the naked eyes of media and fans. Many people believe DRAM to be single at the moment. However, critics are certain about his secret relationships with an unknown woman. Apparently, he has not fathered any child from alleged relationships.

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    How much is D.R.A.M.'s Net Worth?

    Smith entered the world of professional rapping and singing with an intention to come out of his miserable condition. He wanted to make money in order to live a lavish lifestyle. Soon after making an official debut, he started to grab the attention of music circles. He has launched successful musical hits in form of mixtapes, EPs, and albums. The rapper has plans to launch more hit numbers over the coming years. He has amassed a decent amount of money through his career as a professional rap artist. He possesses the amazing songwriting abilities that make him different from other rappers. According to the latest figures, he owns an estimated net worth totaled $2 Million.