Furious Pete

37 year
6 Feet 1 Inch
114 kg (251 lb)
Net worth
$0.8-1.5 million
Relationship status
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    Who is Furious Pete?

    Peter Czerwinski is a Canadian-born bodybuilder and Guinness World Records holder who is better known under his nickname "Furious Pete. He has Polish decants, but most of his life and early childhood were spent in Toronto. Peter also has a YouTube channel and often competes in eating contests.

    Furious Pete
    Furious Pete / Instagram

    Peter was born on November 30, 1985 in Toronto, Canada. He is Canadian by nationality and Polish by ethnicity. The faith he strongly believes in is Christianity.

    Who are Furious Pete's parents?

    Peter's parents were not that healthy. They both had many health issues. It is known that Peter's dad suffered from bipolar disorder and his mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, their names are unknown. By the way, Peter is the only child in the family, because it is unknown if he has siblings or not.

    Competitive eater career

    Peter has such an interesting biography. At a young age, Peter suffered from anorexia, an illness when the body's weight is critically small. He was even hospitalized at Toronto's hospital. The reason he coped with his body issues is that Peter started building his body. Now he is a big and strong guy with a fast metabolism, which allows him to eat a lot of food.

    Peter started testing his eating limits by participating in eating competitions and posting about them on his social media accounts, such as YouTube. His channel now has five million followers. Peter also holds 14 world records in eating competitions.

    Is Furious Pete in a relationship?

    Yes. According to some sources, Peter is married to a woman named Melissa Cvjeticanin.

    Furious Pete with his wife
    Furious Pete with his wife / Instagram

    How much is Furious Pete's net worth?

    As various sources say, his estimated net worth is about $0.8 - 1.5 million in 2022.