Yung Lean

26 year
5 Feet 10 Inches
60 kg (132 lb)
Net worth
$3 million
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not married
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    That is really hard to say that music can culminate a human life. But there is various evidence that reveals that music saved some folks. Yung Lean, who actually is known as Jonatan Leandoer Hastad, had some serious issues with his life and they dragged them to the misery of drugs and intoxication. On the bright side, he is indeed a fantastic musician, who also wants to build a filmography career. But the dark side is more prominent on him.

    Yung Lean
    Yung Lean

    Quick Bio

    This Swedish rapper comes from Stockholm where he was born on July 18, 1996. His parents are the eminent members of the society. Kristoffer Leander, his father is a poet, and he runs a book publishing company. While Elsa Hastad is his mother who is a notable human rights activist. During childhood, he was taken to Minsk in Belarus, where his mother grew.

    Yung Lean
    Yung Lean

    A few years later the family returned to Stockholm where he spent his rest of the growing age. Time to time he caused trouble for his family as he was often found doing drugs and when he reached his 15 he started smoking cannabis which resulted in probation.

    Yung Lean
    Yung Lean

    Rap Career

    In his teens, he made some friends who had the same music interest as him. He started doing music and launched their creation on SoundCloud. Ginseng Strip 2002 became his first widely viewed music video on YouTube. Following his fame bench, he launched an official album in the same year that received a mostly positive reception. In the very next year, Yung Lean and his friends began the European tour.

    In 2014 he launched a couple of more albums, named Unknown Memory and Warlord. This lead to further tours of Europe and also added an itinerary for the United States and Canada. Recently he introduced another music album labeled Stranger. While promoting the album, he revealed that he is working on a script for a film and has intentions to work as an actor as well.

    Personal life

    A few years back some folks spotted Yung Lean at a university in Sweden. They went to take autographs and asked him about his visit to the university. He told them that he was there to attend his girlfriend’s graduation ceremony. Though he did not disclose who she is, in a tweet, he mentioned that she looks like anime. Probably she might be Japanese!

    Net Worth

    With just a few albums out and limited tours, Yung Lean has developed a net worth of $3 million. Well, that could be in Euros and when converted to dollars it made this amount.