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    Wifisfuneral is a professional music producer and rapper from the United States of America. Initially, he was named Isaiah Rivera at the time of birth, but later he adopted Wifisfuneral as his stage moniker. He is widely known by his stage name. He rose to fame through his breakthrough mixtapes that came under titles ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, ‘Black Heart Revenge’, ‘Ethernet’, and ‘When Hell Falls’. All these were well-received not just in American but all over the world. In 2017, he signed contracts with Interscope Records and Alamo Records to launch the next musical hits.

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    Born in New York City, Rivera is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. He started his professional career as a rapper back in 2014. He has worked under different music labels with Empire, Interscope, and Alamo on top of the list. His prominence spread after performing sparkling associated acts with famous artists such as Buckcherry, YBN Nahmir, Members Only, Robb Bank$, and XXXTentacion. Rivera was just three years of age when his biological father, who was also a freestyle rap artist, left the family in despair. He was an irresponsible person who never thought about his family and children. He was a victim of family trauma as a child. However, he found music as a way to escape all those upsetting moments.

    Rivera’s professional career has been pretty successful so far. He has launched more than a few hit mixtapes that came under titles ‘When Hell Falls’, ‘Ev3rything Sucks’, ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, ‘Conn3ct3d’, ‘Ethernet Volume 1’, ‘Ethernet Volume 2’, and ‘Black Heat Revenge’. He gained further acclaim by launching hit extended plays such as ‘19’, ‘Leave Me The Fuck Alone’, ‘This is Temporary’, and ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’. According to critics, he is likely to launch the full-length studio albums very soon. The striking rapper has a large number of followers from the United States and beyond.

    Who are Wifisfuneral's Parents?

    Rivera opened his eyes on Mar 20, 1997, in The Bronx area of New York City. He was born to parents who originally belonged to Puerto Rico. The future rapper was raised by his hardworking mother. He was 3 years old when the father of the poor boy left the entire family. His father used to be a battle rapper who performed freestyle in The Bronx. Wifisfuneral spent the early years of his life in The Bronx with mother and the rest of the family members.

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    The entire family relocated to Palm Beach, Florida, when reached 7 years of age. His mother married another man. Unfortunately, the second marriage couldn’t go well and his mother broke up with his stepfather when he was 12 years of age. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to understand as a child. He was constantly missing the affection of a father. However, he wasn’t alone in that awkward situation. Thousands of kids living in the United States go through the same situation at some point in early life. The divorce rate has increased to an alarming point.

    The future rap king was originally famous as Izzy Kill$, but some time later he decided to rap under the current stage name ‘Wifisfuneral’. The moniker was given by one of his close friends named ‘DJ Scheme’. He began taking interest in music after watching the ‘Notorious B.I.G.’. He began to follow famous musicians and rappers at that time. Finally, he made up his mind to pursue a career in the professional music industry.

    Rap Career

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    Mother and the rest of the family members weren’t happy with his lifestyle. They frequently advised him to focus on studies, but Rivera didn’t take the advice seriously. Eventually, he was dropped out of high school during his sophomore year. Furthermore, he was kicked out of his home as well. Now, he was absolutely free to focus on music to make his dream come true. He started to work on honing his musical skills in order to become the rap king of the American hip hop industry.

    During recording sessions, he frequently suffered from substance abuse issues such as Adderall, Xanax, and Cocaine. He unintentionally overdosed on Adderall and Cocaine while working on his famous mixtape titled ‘Black Heart Revenge’. Auspiciously, he controlled his addiction to complete the work on the album. On Jan 17, 2017, he officially launched ‘When Hell Falls’. Originally, it was a suicide note that he wrote, but later on decided to convert it into an album. It took just 2 weeks for him to complete this project. After the launch, his musical efforts attracted Todd Moscowitz, who later signed Rivera to his famous music label ‘Alamo Records’.

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    The rapper has launched some of the most compelling mixtapes in his professional rap career. These came out under titles ‘Ethernet Volume 1’, ‘Ethernet Volume 2’, ‘Ev3rything Sucks’, ‘When Hell Falls’, ‘Black Heart Revenge’, ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, and ‘Conn3ct3d’. All of these were well-received even by the critics in the American music industry. He is also known for his wonderful extended plays such as ‘Leave Me The Fuck Alone’, ‘This is Temporary’, ‘Last Time Doing Drugs’ and ‘19’. He is likely to become the next big thing of the American rap world.

    Does Wifisfuneral Have a Girlfriend?

    Just like dozens of other rap artists, Wifisfuneral’s life didn’t remain free from rumors and gossips. The 22-year old (as of March 2019) rapper is said to be in a relationship with more than a couple of pretty women. He has been spotted with girls at different events and award shows. According to alleged reports, he is in a relationship with an unknown woman. The rapper doesn’t seem to talk publicly regarding his notorious love associations.

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    How much is Wifisfuneral's Net Worth?

    Wifisfuneral opened his eyes to a poor family. His father left the entire family in misery. They didn’t have any sound financial support to live a normal life. The future rapper witnessed his mother going through hard times. That’s the reason he was eager to achieve something bigger in life. He didn’t care about his educational career at all. After getting dropped out of his high school, he began looking for the right singing opportunity. Soon he began launching back to back hit mixtapes and extended plays. Wifisfuneral owns an estimated net worth of $300,000.