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46 year
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$20 million
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    Lorin Ashton is a record producer and Disc Jockey from America. He has garnered great fame due to his electro mixes that later gave influence to Hip-hop culture in America. Very few people know his real name at the moment, but he is better known for his professional name ‘Bassnectar’. He is also famous by the names or titles such as DJ Lorin, King of the Sound, and West Coast Lo-Fi.

    Born on February 16, 1978, Bassnectar opened his eyes in Santa Cruz (California), United States. He comes from North American ethnicity. He is an American national with great sense of patriotism. He was presented to the global audience by his uncle who gave Bassnectar an arrangement of hand drums and a few recordings of Latin and African music. Soon he started to draw the attention of people towards his musical creations.


    Ashton began learning how to do the job of a Disc Jockey. He also studied electronic genre of music at California University, Santa Cruz. Just after some time, he began mastering all the fundamentals. He started to produce very exciting dance music. He has given a new direction to the American music industry. There are many hit songs that Bassnectar has produced over the course of his musical era. He played ‘Pale Existence’ at the age of 16, and this was known to be a death metal band. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Bassnectar brought a great revolution in the electronic style of music.

    Who are Bassnectar's Parents?

    The 41-year old star has been very close to his parents. He used to spend his childhood in a very fun way. His parents provided him with everything he needed to excel as a student and young musician. That’s the reason Lorin was very close to his mother and father from the beginning of his childhood. It looks like the drum star doesn’t want to disclose his family’s information. That’s the reason names of his parents are not known.


    DJ Career

    Bassnectar began his music journey in 1990s when he started creating music through Opcode Systems (the Studio Version Pro). He got the chance to tour with Exhumed in the mid-90s. His confidence level was boosted due to this musical tour. After that, he never missed an opportunity to show his exceptional music skills.

    Bassnectar used to play at house parties in Bay Area San Francisco. He started to get the momentum at Burning Man. In most of the cases, he used to play up to seven sets at night. His first studio album got released in 2001. His first appearance as Bassnectar was in the year 2002 when he performed in front of audience by his professional name. Previously, he was known as DJ Lorin.


    Ashton developed his professional name ‘Bassnectar’ after meeting with DJ collective member in Santa Cruz, California. Loring along with his friends was chilling on the beach when that man approached him. The man gave Ashton a beautiful sticker where it was mentioned ‘Butterfly Beings Drink Bass Nectar’. That was the day when Ashton decided to name his professional heavy metal band as Bassnectar. People know his avid fans as bassheads. His fans have been observed banging their heads when Bassnectar plays the music at concerts.

    His all-time favorite album ‘Divergent Spectrum’ became the first album to hit the US Billboard charts. His creation ‘Vava Voom’ was also able to make its place in the Top 40. Later in 2014, Bassnectar’s album titled ‘Noise vs. Beauty’ broke all his previous records and secured number 21 on the US Billboard.

    Bassnectar has attended a variety of musical concerts during his professional career. Some of the important festivals include Bonnaroo, Coachella, Camp Bisco, the Electric Daisy Carnival, Lollapalooza, the Electric Forest Festival, Life is Beautiful Festival, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Wakarusa, and Oregon Eclipse. More than 250,000 tickets were sold in 2012, when people were eager to see his performances. In 2013, he was lucky to secure 4th place in America’s Best DJ competition. This was conducted by the famous magazine ‘DJ Times’ and also ‘Pioneer DJ’.

    Self-Hosted Music Festival

    After seeing great appreciation and love from his fans, he stopped going to tours and started his own music festivals and events instead. In the beginning of 2019, Bassnectar hosted his own music event titled as ‘Deja Voom’. This music festival contained five different stages including, Beach Stage, Pool Party, Voom Room, Deja Room, and The Oasis. All these stages offered different electronic bass music sub-genres to cater music requirements of everyone attending the event. This festival was hosted at a famous resort in Mexico from February 27th to March 2nd in 2019.


    Studio Albums

    Bassnectar has launched some of the most exciting music albums thus far. These include, Motions of Mutation (2003), Mesmerizing the Ultra (2005), Underground Communication (2007), Divergent Spectrum (2011), Into the Sun (2015), Noise vs. Beauty (2014), Vava Voom (2012), Cozza Frenzy (2009), Diverse Systems of Throb (2004), and Unlimited (2016).

    Personal Life

    Bassnectar or Lorin Ashton is an American national with North American ethnicity. He has a mysterious personality and looks very serious most of the times. He has brown eyes and dark brown long hair. His hair is an important part of his personality. No love relations or affairs could be found related to Bassnectar. He is still single as per reports. However, he must be in secret relations with someone. We have also heard news of him being interested in gays.


    Net Worth

    Bassnectar has a very long professional career since he started his passion for music at a very young age. Later, this craving got converted into his livelihood. He has worked in different music albums, concerts, festivals, and parties. Now, he is said to have a total net worth of a whopping $20 million. He receives around $2,500,000 when it comes to his salary. This is what makes him one of the highest-paid musicians from the American music industry.

    In 2019, he has started to host music events by himself. His recent music festival in Mexico has gave him a lot of profit. That’s why he has decided to continue hosting electronic music events in the future. Lorin loves to drive nice cars and own pretty houses. He has invested in several other areas as well from where he gets paid. However, he hasn’t revealed his investments as yet.