Dallas Austin

musician, record producer, film producer
51 year
168 Feet
69 kg (152 lb)
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$35 Million
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    Dallas L. Austin is an outstanding musician, record producer, film producer, and songwriter. He has given many remarkable music numbers to his fans from all around the world. The guy has a unique singing style, which makes him slightly different from other American rappers. Apart from possessing powerful vocals, he can play a variety of musical instruments such as guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and drums. He is one of the pioneers in the American music industry. Dallas has been fully active in the professional music world since 1989. He has worked with Limp Records, Rowdy, and FREEWORLD.

    Dallas Austin now

    Austin performed associated acts with Macy Gray, Cris Cab, Another Bad Creation, Anastacia, Sammie, TLC, McFly, Blu Cantrell, and Monica. Dallas has achieved so many wonderful accomplishments in his professional life. He is the one who discovered the famous actress and singer named Monica. He was the one who brought the talented girl in front of everyone. Dallas fathered a baby from his relationship with TLC’s Rozanda or Chilli Thomas.

    After working with more than a couple of music labels, he thought to create his own music company. Finally, he created a production company named DARP or Dallas Austin Recording Projects. Dallas is the one who resurged the Japanese Pop Idol named Namie Amuro. She considers Austin as a great support. She appointed Dallas as his producer when the struggling girl was having bad times in the Japanese music industry. She was able to find a new way to introduce herself under the sincere guidance of Austin. Amuro has successfully revitalized her professional career and added a new flair to her music style. Dallas has rolled out dozens of amazing songs throughout his professional singing career.

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    Who are Dallas Austin’s Father and Mother?

    Dallas came to this world on Dec 29, 1970 in Columbus, Georgia. He had two elder brothers who remained involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking and mugging. They were jailed most of the times. Austin’s mother was a hard-working lady. She operated a self-owned restaurant situated next to their home in Georgia. He was not satisfied with the working conditions of his family when they moved to Atlanta. He started to take a keen interest in music as a teenager. Mother of the talented boy bought him a keyboard to play music at home. Austin didn’t embarrass her mother and showed exceptional musical skills. Eventually, he bought advanced musical instruments and started to play in front of her mother. The rapper always wanted to find a breakthrough so that he can help her mother financially. No further information could be found about Austin’s father and other family members.

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    Music Career

    Austin jumped into the music industry through Joyce Irby, who is a member of all-female music group Klymaxx. He worked as a producer for Irby’s company called Diva One Productions. Dallas helped her produce some of the well-received songs such as ‘I Will Always Love U’ and ‘My Music’. These turned out to be lead singles for her album ‘Attitude’. Dallas was so interested in playing the music that he took the keyboard to his educational institution and played there in free time.

    Dallas has worked with many prominent artists from the American music industry. Fishbone, JC Chasez, After 7, TLC, Duran Duran, Monica, N-Toon, Namie Amuro, Crystal Waters, Glasswork, The Boys, JT Money, Samantha Ronson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Shanice, McFly, Blaque, For Real, Tamia, Joi, Sugababes, Richard Lugo, Sammie, Another Bad Creation, Texas, Janet Jackson, N-Toon, Boyz II Men, Troop, Deborah Cox, Funkadelic, and Johnny Gill, to name a few.

    He has signed deals to work with Babyface and L.A. Reid to work on a few projects. He has been employed by ‘After 7’ to create a few impressive songs for their 2nd studio album ‘Takin My Time’. The famous musician worked with Madonna on studio album ‘Bedtime Stories’. It was released in 1994 and gained critical acclaim from all across the United States. Furthermore, Austin worked with contemporary music artists and produced hit singles such as ‘Just Like a Pill’, ‘Unpretty’, ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, and ‘Cool’. Most of the songs produced by Dallas Austin went into top charts and US Billboard.

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    Personal Life

    Media and news agencies talked a lot about Austin’s private relationships. The star didn’t bring his private life in front of people. He is introvert when it comes to discussing his romantic life. According to sources, he is raising three kids at the moment. The first one is his son named Tron Austin, who was born in 1997 to Chilli. His second child is not known to the world.

    Aside from the two, he is also raising his deceased brother’s daughter named Claude Austin. The only woman who came to limelight was Chilli. She is a renowned American singer who got the opportunity to work with Dallas. Both started dating and fell in love with each other. The duo was blessed with a daughter in 1997. However, they never got engaged or married.

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    Austin’s childhood has been very controversial. His brothers were engaged in criminal activities. They went to jail quite a few times and faced criminal charges. Mother of the famous musician worked day and night to provide for her three kids. Their father left them alone when all three brothers were quite young.

    How much is Dallas Austin's Net Worth?

    The 49-year old American musician has worked on several fruitful musical projects. Today, he is known as a successful songwriter, keyboard player, record producer, musician, and guitarist. He has helped many renowned American artists in finding their fortune. After relocating to Atlanta, he started to seek breakthrough opportunities to flourish in the music industry. He has rolled out more than a few hit tracks. In 2018, the American treasure earned a whopping $1 Million through different projects. According to the recent figures, he has accumulated a net worth totaled $35 Million. He owns a well-furnished house and drives luxurious cars from top brands.