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    Channon Rose is a skillful actress, YouTuber, Blogger, model, and producer from California, America. She was originally named Channon Rose Lindlief by parents at the time of birth. The girl has a notorious professional history. She had been working in the adult film industry prior to her formal debut. Prominent male printing services published her photographs as cover pages for magazines such as Hustler Magazine. Rose has also been hosting the Playboy television for a few years. A time came in her life when she quit the adult film world and began to establish herself as an internet personality.

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    I’ve waited years to be able to take pictures like this so don’t get mad that my holiday photos are early lol. I remember being so happy for other families posting their holiday photos but I was sad for myself. I had wanted a child of my own for as long as I can remember. Travis & I tried so hard to have a baby & year after year it just wasn’t happening for us. It was when we felt like giving up that we found out our only surviving embryo from our IVF cycle implanted & I was PREGNANT! I can’t tell you how happy my soul is being able to post these family photos with our little miracle baby, Snow. This isn’t just my holiday photo, it’s my dream come true. Don’t EVER give up on your hopes, goals or dreams. Miracles do happen, so this holiday season try your best to believe in the magic. Those who believe conceive. #thoughtsbecomethings #thosewhobelieveconcieve #lawofattraction #thesecret #family #holidayfamilyphotos #christmasdecor #letitsnow #rosefam #ivf #ivfbaby #ivfsuccess #ivfsuccessstory #ivfjourney #ivfsupport #miracle #believeinmagic #holidayspirit #plantbasedfamily #youtubefamily #holidayseason #christmascard #channonrose #channonrosevlogs #inspiration #motivationalspeakers #inspirationalwomen #inspo #babiesofinstagram photos by @monicamartinphotography

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    The talented beauty is gifted with a wonderful ability to paint. She has a dedicated art-wall where she dangles beautiful paintings. She had an intense desire to paint when she was a little child. She used to draw crazy things on the walls of her house and filled dozens of color books. She excelled in painting after reaching adolescence. The American star has amazing abilities of singing and songwriting. In 2014, she officially released her extended play titled ‘What a Life’. In 2016, she rolled out the music video of the track ‘Single White Female’ through her official YouTube channel. Her musical efforts garnered great traction soon after launch.

    In 2015, Channon wrote an amazing autobiography under the caption “The Story of Channon Rose”. She unveiled the hidden truths of her life and explained different experiences that she went through during her previous life. She remains in news and views for her controversial statements and videos. Rose alongside her husband decided to launch a horror movie that they claimed to be the real footage. Unfortunately, they had to postpone the release due to some legal issues coming in the way.

    Who are Channon Rose's Parents?

    Rose was born in Northridge, California, on Sep 16, 1985. She had an outstanding childhood with friends and family. Harshly, her parents parted their ways when Channon was just an eight-year-old girl. She took her parents’ separation to heart and felt devastated. Her father married another woman who treated Channon terribly bad. She was dropped out of three schools due to different reasons. She enrolled in a boarding school at the age of fifteen. It was an all-girl facility where she felt restricted. She also went to a phlebotomy & EMT school and completed his graduation as a medical technician. Later on, she attended a nursing school but again was kicked out before the completion of course.

    After getting kicked out of schools frequently, she was embarrassed and demotivated. However, she didn’t say goodbye to education even after frequent humiliations. She went to the Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design in Los Angeles. No further information could be obtained about ethnicity and ancestry of her parents. Names of her father and mother are also not known to the public as yet. The pretty girl has never disclosed information regarding her family. She only seems to talk about her personal interests and similar stuff in most of her YouTube videos.

    Acting Career

    After getting dropped from schools and other educational institutions, she stepped into the adult film world. The beautiful girl kept this secret from her parents. She has also been working as a stripper for a couple of months. Soon she was fed up with all dirty stuff and wanted something better to live for. She quit working as an adult artist and started her endeavor to create a pleasant self-identity. She created her official YouTube channel and started to post videos related to beauty and health. Channon has an energetic and optimistic personality. You can see her smiling in all of her videos. Fans of the beautiful lady kept supporting her even when she switched from the adult industry to becoming an internet personality. She has official accounts on different social media platforms.


    Rose created her official YouTube channel to post healthy stuff for her fans from all around the world. The channel was created on Feb 3, 2013. Today, the total number of her video views are 193,637,484. She has gained a lot of experience in life. So, she decided to share all the stuff she learned from life through her videos. Today, she has more than 1.08 million subscribers to your official YouTube channel. Most of her videos get thousands of views just within hours of publishing.

    In one of her videos, she could be seen getting her tattoos removed with a painful laser treatment. She has posted videos related to her pregnancy, home tour, professional life, beauty tips, health and fitness, baby, husband, and personal life. She is one of the most successful YouTube stars from the United States of America. She started a video battle with another YouTuber and gained thousands of views in no time. The beautiful lady also posts videos related to challenges, lifestyle, how-tos, and storytime.

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    Studies have shown that getting lost in a book can lower stress & stress hormones by 67% !!! Honestly, I hate reading (maybe that’s why I’m so stressed ?) but I did manage to write 2 books in case you need some new books to read to lower your stress OR to get to know me better. Some of you may or may not know I started selling my body in Highschool & then started doing porn 4 months after my 18th birthday but what you might not know is why I did those things & my story behind a lot of bad decisions I made in my life. My books help me tell my story & hopefully inspire others that NO MATTER WHAT you can always change your life for the better. Your past does NOT define you. Each day is a new day to start over & decide exactly who you want to be. Link to my books are in my bio. ❤️ #bookstagram #bookclub #thestoryofchannonrosepart2 #thestoryofchannonrose #newbook #bookworm #bookcommunity #bookshelves #bookaddict #booktag #channonrose #rosefam #ilovebooks #bookstoread

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    Personal Life

    Shannon had a disreputed past due to her involvement in adultery. However, she has been successful in finding the perfect match after quitting the ugly world. In 2012, she came to know about her partner, Travis Dean, through a famous dating website called Both of them kept dating each other for over two years. Finally, Travis proposed the stunning girl for marriage. They celebrated their wedding ceremony on Aug 16, 2015. The couple has been blessed with a baby after their marriage.

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    You saved my life Snow. I love you little girl.

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    How much is Channon Rose's Net Worth?

    After experiencing difficulties during her childhood, Channon wanted a source of income through which she can live like a normal human being. She faced brutality from her step-mother and was kicked out of schools several times. She remained in the stripped world for some time but later started a new life as an internet personality. She is one of the most prosperous YouTubers from America. According to the recently collected figures, she owns an individual net worth of $300,000. The pretty woman owns a beautiful house that she has shown to fans in a YouTube video.