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    Thebe Neruda Kgositsile is the professional record producer, rapper, and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, United States. He is professionally famous by stage name Earl Sweatshirt. The rapper gained prestige through his matchless musical compositions and songwriting abilities. He earned a special status among other American rappers soon after making his professional debut. He was recognized as Sly Tendencies at the beginning of his rap career, but later he changed his name to Earl Sweatshirt after joining the Tyler’s hip hop group named ‘Odd Future’.

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    Earl Sweatshirt performs at St Jerome's Laneway Festival

    He attracted the world through his debut mixtape titled ‘Earl’, which got released in March 2010. The rapper was just 16 years of age when rolled out his first musical effort. He wasn’t focusing on his studies due to great passion for music. He used to spend hours listening to his favorite musicians. Mother of the future rapper was concerned about his educational career. That’s the reason she sent Earl to a boarding school where he stayed for one and a half years. During this period, he wasn’t able to record music. In February 2012, he made a sparkling come back to Los Angeles just a couple of months before his 18th birthday.

    After returning to his dream world, the rapper rejoined his crew at ‘Odd Future’ and began producing exciting music. In 2013, he officially launched his debut studio album under the heading ‘Doris’. It was well-received by fans and critics. After seeing a good response, he pushed another collection of songs in form of a 2nd studio album ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’. It came out in March 2015 and helped him earn a positive feedback from the listeners. In 2018, he launched his 3rd musical effort titled ‘Some Rap Songs’ and entertained fans with spectacular beats.

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    Earl Sweatshirt performs in support of his "I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside: An Album By Earl Sweatshirt"

    Who are Earl Sweatshirt's Parents?

    Earl was born on Feb 24, 1994, in his home town Chicago, Illinois, United States. He was originally named Thebe Neruda Kgositsile by parents at the time of his fortunate birth. His mother, Cheryl Harris, was a law professor at the University of California, LA. Earl’s father, Keorapestse Kgositsile, was a political activist and South African poet. Both father and mother have a great love for their beloved son. He remained very close to their heart during childhood.

    Unfortunately, the parents of Earl couldn’t remain together due to irreconcilable differences. They parted their ways and voided the marriage when their son was just 8-year old. It was a very devastating time for the young lad as he was mentally disturbed over this unlucky incident. He spent the entire day in despair, thinking about the happy moments that he lived with his parents. Mother of the kind boy tried her best to provide him with everything he needed throughout his childhood. Finally, he found music as a way to escape from the hopelessness.

    Earl went to UCLA Lab School located in Los Angeles. After completing his basic education, he attended the New Roads High/Middle School situated in Santa Monica. He used to be an average student at school.

    Musical Career

    Thebe was studying in 8th grade when he first began rapping in front of classmates. He used Sly Tendencies as his stage name and uploaded tracks using his official account at MySpace. He used striking songs from his mixtape titled ‘Kitchen Cutlery’ and posted them to his account. Later on, he joined hands with friends named JW Mijo and Loofy to create a rap trio. They named the group ‘Backpackerz’ and began working together to release a mixtape titled ‘World Playground’. However, it was never released because the trio was disbanded in 2009.

    He got discovered by Tyler, the Creator in 2009. He changed his professional moniker to Earl Sweatshirt and joined ‘Odd Future’ (Tyler’s group). On Mar 31, 2010, he rolled out his self-released debut mixtape under the title ‘Earl’. It was made available for music enthusiasts in digital download format. People from all over the world had positive remarks about the complete collection of songs.

    On Aug 20, 2013, the rapper launched his debut studio album titled ‘Doris’ via Odd Future Records, Columbia Records, and Tan Cressida Records. The complete length of the album was 44:07 minutes and. The recording sessions of the album were completed from Feb 2012 to Jul 2013. The production work was handled by Christian Rich, Frank Ocean, Michael Uzowuru, Tyler, RZA, The Neptunes, and Samiyam, to name a few. It also included some of the most spectacular guest appearances from other rap artists such as Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Vince Staples, Domo Genesis, Casey Veggies, RZA, and Tyler. It was another great success after the victorious release of ‘Earl’.

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    Earl Sweatshirt, Taco Bennett, M.I.A. and Tyler The Creator

    On Mar 23, 2015, Earl rolled out his 2nd studio album ‘I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside’ via Tan Cressida Records and Columbia Records. It also included guest appearances from Vince Staples, Dash, Na-Kel, and Wiki. The full length of the second studio album was 29:56 minutes. On Nov 30, 2018, the rapper officially launched 3rd studio album titled ‘Some Rap Songs’ via Columbia Records and Tan Cressida Records.


    The rapper is widely known as hip-hop prodigy. He has emerged as one of the most exciting rappers ever lived in the American hip hop society. His ability to juggle with words is outstanding. He has gained prestige through enchanting lyrics that he wrote for different albums. He is known for his distinct vocals that make him sound different from other rappers. His rap style is highly influenced by Jay-Z, RZA, MF Doom, Radiohead, Earl Scruggs, Cam’ron, and James Pants.

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    Is Earl Sweatshirt Married?

    Earl is not a married person, but has attracted more than a couple of beautiful ladies. He considers himself too young to get married to someone. The 25-year old American rapper is currently single. No love associations or previous relationships were found upon investigation. He stepped into the world of music after getting inspired by Jay-Z and Eminem. Sweatshirt is focused on his career to live the life of his dreams. He wants to own lavish houses and luxurious vehicles like other prosperous rappers.

    How much is Earl Sweatshirt's Net Worth?

    Just like many other celebrities, Sweatshirt also started his professional career at a young age. He was a school student when began writing and singing songs. He presented his talent in front of family members and school mates. After seeing a positive response, he made up his mind to pursue a career in the American hip hop industry. He has launched successful projects thus far in his career. The rapper owns an estimated net worth totaled $5 Million. Critics expect this figure to get doubled in the next couple of years.