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    Merkules, originally named Cole Stevenson, is a Canadian rapper. The well-known hip hop artist is known for his superb lyrics and jaw-dropping musical hits. He was influenced by rap music at a young age. He began writing songs at the age of 10. Parents of the talented guy were literally impressed to witness his remarkable songwriting talent. He began making musical beats after reaching the age of 16. Cole has also showed his exceptional rap skills at a famous freestyle tournament known as ‘King of the Dot’.

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    Stevenson underwent a serious assault by old teenagers. He was attacked by a wicked group of young people who physically torture him while coming back home at late at night. He received big scars close to his eyes and on his cheeks. The unfortunate incident caused a lot of distress and depression for the young boy. Finally, he found music as a way to come out of all those harsh memories. He received inspiration from many American rappers. He was highly influenced by the New York rapper ‘Busta Rhymes’. He learned to rap quickly and efficiently.

    Merkules’ singing style is a reflection of Big Pun, Eminem, and Big L. he began his professional singing career by creating covers of songs sung by these rap stars. He learned a lot of helpful singing techniques such as flow, rhythm, and cadence. The Canadian rapper has launched several hit mixtapes and albums in his professional rap career. A few noteworthy mixtapes include, ‘Closer Remix’, ‘Sucker For Pain Remix’, ‘Mask Off Remix’, ‘Black Beatles Remix’, ‘Panda Remix’, ‘Fuck Up The Commas Remix’, ‘Bad And Boujee Remix’, and ‘Shape Of You Remix’. He received a positive response after the release of these mixtapes.

    Who are Merkules's Parents?

    The Canadian rapper was born on Sep 27, 1992, in Surrey, British Columbia. Names of his father and mother are not known until today. However, it is known that he was born to Canadian parents.

    He spent the entire childhood listening to rap songs. He was an addict of famous songs from American rap artists. He preferred listening to his favorite songs over his studies. That’s the reason he couldn’t continue study after finding his fortune in singing. He was 10 years of age when started writing lyrics of his songs. He began uploading his videos to YouTube after reaching the age of 16.

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    He suffered from a tragedy when got attacked by fellow students while coming back home at night. According to reports, the unfortunate incident took place after the completion of a recording session at the studio. The event is unforgettable for Merkules. One of his albums reflects the incident. No information could be acquired regarding rapper’s siblings and other family members. However, it is clear that he belongs to white ethnicity.

    Music Career

    The rapper started writing songs at the beginning of his career. Soon he began making music at the age of 16. After getting familiar with lyrics and music creation, he started releasing fabulous mixtapes over the internet. He left a remarkable impression on the audience through his striking hit singles. He has launched 8 mixtapes until today. These came out under titles ‘Bad And Boujee Remix’, ‘Sucker For Pain Remix’, ‘Black Beatles Remix’, ‘Shape of You Remix’, ‘Closer Remix’, ‘Panda Remix’, ‘Fuck Up The Commas Remix’, and ‘Mask Off Remix’. These were well-received within the music circles and beyond.

    After having a successful experience with the launch of mixtapes, Merkules entertained his fans with spectacular music albums. His first album came out under the title ‘Side Efex’. It turned out to be an average success that helped the Canadian rapper in spreading his identity to more music fans. He released in 2nd album under the caption ‘Anxious’. Merkules launched his 3rd album ‘Tryna Get It’ and received critical acclaim for his outstanding songs. Other fabulous music albums that he launched include, ‘Canadian Bacon’, ‘Way Down’, ‘Creepy from the Hood’, ‘Scars’, ‘Cole’, ‘Kush-Ups’, ‘Muddy’, Bacon Bits’, ‘Trust Your Gut’, and ‘Hunger Pains.

    Although all the albums released by Merkules performed well, yet his musical collections called ‘Bacon Bits’ and ‘Canadian Bacon’ performed far better than others. The rapper is constantly focusing on his professional career as a rapper. He wants to see himself among top rap artists in the world. That’s the reason he keeps launching back to back hit numbers. He received a nomination for the Western Canadian Music Award as his videos received more than 90,000,000 views on Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, the rapper received more than 30,000,000 audio streams for his songs on the internet. The impressive rapper has given more than 500 energetic performances across Europe and North America. Today, he is recognized as one of the top hip hop artists in the world.

    Does Merkules have a Girlfriend?

    According to information collected recently, Merkules is not dating anyone. The 27-year old Canadian rapper has attracted millions of female fans from across the globe. However, he has not been spotted with any girl as yet. Critics suggest that he must be in a secret relationship with an unknown girl. The rapper has not fathered any kid from his alleged secret relationships. He is neither engaged nor married. The sexual orientation of the famous rap artist is straight. He doesn’t seem to be marrying anyone until the next few years. He wants to build a strong reputation in the hip hop world.

    How much is Merkules's Net Worth?

    Merkules didn’t enjoy a lavish lifestyle during his childhood. He was born to a middle-class family where his parents could only afford his food and education. He always wanted to live a life of his dreams. That’s the reason the industrious boy entered the hip hop industry. He became successful in impressing the world with his musical efforts. He has successfully rolled out many hit singles, extended plays, and albums. According to the recent information, he owns an estimated net worth totaled at the US $800,000. The rapper is working hard to add more figures to his net worth.