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    Token, originally named Ben Goldberg, is the striking rap artist from Massachusetts, United States. He began his professional rap-singing at a young age and amassed a large number of fans through his music videos on YouTube. He was just a 10-year old when first wrote a song. He started building his fan base after reaching the age of 17. He created the official YouTube channel on August 26, 2012. The channel has garnered over 131 Million views until today.

    Token garnered critical acclaim through his exceptional songs such as ‘Code Red’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Doozy’ and ‘Exception’.

    The extremely talented guy was born on Sep 24, 1998, in the Salem area of Massachusetts, USA. The early childhood wasn’t an easy thing to bear. He experienced tough days filled with anxiety and depression. He always fought with his inner thoughts of despair. Token used to be involved in school fights at different times. He was diagnosed with a learning disorder at a young age. Therefore, he started writing songs to express his feelings. Finally, he decided to pursue a career in the professional rap industry. He began listening to his favorite musicians and rap artists.

    He started rapping in front of the public after reaching the age of 13. He used to be slightly shy at the beginning, but soon he overcame his introvert habit. He got singing influence from other famous rappers such as Eminem, Ludacris, and 2Pac. After receiving positive feedback from listeners, he began taking music seriously. He was uploading his music online by the age of 14. People really liked him on SoundCloud and YouTube.

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    A few of his initial songs include ‘Definition of A Rap Flow’, ‘Talk To You’, and ‘Rap God Remix’. He received his breakthrough after appearing in a music contest held in 2015. He garnered a massive response from fans by launching his song ‘No Sucka Mcs Contest’. Auspiciously, it went viral on the internet and its YouTube video received more than 4.5 million views.

    Who are Token's Parents?

    Ben was born on Sep 24, 1998, in Massachusetts, United States. He opened his eyes to very loving parents named Linda Black and Steve Black. Things weren’t so good during his early childhood. He witnessed several assaults and quarrels between his father and mother. It was a devastating time for the rapper as he experienced a lot of tough situations. He belongs to Afro-American lineage akin to his parents. His father, Steve, made his debut appearance in a famous show called ‘Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime 2000’.

    Token was inspired by other American musicians at a young age. He always tried to follow and copy the style of his favorite rap artists. Parents and friends encouraged him to pursue a professional career as a rap artist. He spent his childhood with parents and an older sister. He experienced a learning disability but tried hard to overcome this chronic issue. Token has never unveiled any further information about his family background. It looks like he doesn’t want the public to know about his family life.

    Rap career

    His decision to enter the American hip hop culture turned out to be extremely helpful with his health condition. He was just 10 years of age when began recording his self-written songs. Slowly this habit developed into a therapeutic hobby. One of his friends suggested Token to launch his track via YouTube after watching it on his personal computer. After hearing the wise words of his friend, Token released his track on twitter under the stage name BDG or Benjamin David Goldberg. He received appreciation and love from people who listened to the song on the internet. He also faced negative comments from schoolmates but didn’t take it too seriously.

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    Later on, he made up his mind to release more musical hits through a different stage name. He ended up finalizing his thoughts on ‘Token’. He selected this stage moniker just to feel different from other rap artists. After the creation of his official YouTube channel (Tokenhiphop), the self-determined guy began uploading videos. He came to limelight after the official release of his track ‘No Sucka MCs’. The song went viral on the internet and helped him get international recognition very quickly. He wrote the entire song in just one day and decided to produce a music video of it. Soon he started to receive a lot of positive comments, which boosted his confidence to launch next hit songs.

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    For those who care... I have so much to say but I’m gonna try to keep this brief as possible. Tour is over and it’s been the most incredible but confusing trip. When it started, for the first time it hit me that i did it... i made a living off music. That was always my goal. Selling out shows across the world... but it didn’t make me feel like I thought it would. I’m so grateful... but I anticipated a level of satisfaction that i didn’t quite reach. It’s cuz I want so much more... i just don’t know what yet. But I’m cool w that. I’m excited to find out and continue learning what I really want out of this amazing opportunity yall have given me. Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make every night as special and surreal as it was. Can’t wait to come back. Now it’s time for the next chapter of music. YALL COMING???

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    One of the most famous music videos ever posted to his official YouTube channel is ‘Doozy’. It was published on Feb 14, 2017, and has amassed more than 10 million views thus far. Another most popular music video from Token came out under the title ‘Code Red’. It has gained over 9.8 Million views on YouTube after getting released on May 10, 2018. The determined rap star officially launched his debut studio album ‘Eraser Shavings’ in 2016. He performed with other stars like Robert Glasper and Pharcyde after the successful launch of his album. He embarked on a promotional tour to promote his album in France.

    Does Token have a Girlfriend?

    Token has dated more than a couple of beautiful girls in the past. He never publicized his relationships despite criticism. According to reports, he has been in secret relationships with girls. However, the rapper likes to keep private stuff behind the door. Many people think that he is single at the moment. However, we can’t say anything for sure about that. He has not fathered any child from his secret relationships. There is no word available regarding his future marriage.

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    How much is Token's Net Worth?

    After recovering from a learning disorder, Token pursued a career in the professional hip hop industry. Soon he climbed up the success ladder and earned a lot of fans from all across the world. Today, he has become a prominent rap artist in the United States. Token has collected an estimated net worth of $300,000 after launching successful singles, mixtapes, and albums. The guy is hopeful to double the figure in the next few years.