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    She is best known on Instagram as Malu Trevejo and she is an Internet celebrity, singer, dancer, and songwriter from Miami, United States. She has many talents on various fields and many of her fans find her Instagram pictures very sexy. As an attractive young lady, she became famous as an Instagram personality with more than seven million followers.

    Malu Trevejo
    Malu Trevejo

    It took only a series of her on-point belly dancing videos to get millions of followers. As she tells ''I started on Instagram, people liked how I danced belly dancing like Shakira so I started getting a lot of followers.'' She also has millions of followers on the app


    Her birth name is Maria Luisa ''Malu'' Trevejo and she is a 16-year-old Cuban-born Spanish celebrity. She was born in Havana on 15th October 2002. Despite her very young age she knows how to express herself in a mature way. Her father is Spanish and her mother is Cuban. So, she belongs to the Latina Ethnic background.

    Malu Trevejo with her family
    Malu Trevejo with her family

    Since she keeps her family ties in secret there is no accurate information about her siblings. Trevejo lived in Madrid for 12 years before coming to the US with her family. Currently, she resides in South Florida with her mum.

    Malu Trevejo
    Malu Trevejo


    Trevejo has always been interested in music since she was at a young age. She has a passion for music and decided to release a single after her fame. Her debut single called ''Luna Llena'' which got more than 33 million YouTube views just 7 weeks after the release.

    She made a successful entrance to the pop music world. In 2017, she got a huge contract with In-Tu Linea. Soon after her first single she released another single called ''En Mi Mente''. She also revealed that she will have an album in Spanglish including English and Spanish songs. Her song collaborated with HRVY called ''Hasta Luego'' has been a major success which has 48 million YouTube views. She still keeps climbing to the top of the pop music circle.

    Is Malu trevejo single?

    Trevejo has 7,9 million of followers on Instagram and she keeps her fans upgraded with her photos of her personal life. She usually likes to reveal her fit body via her photos on Instagram. She approximately has 400K likes and over 1M video views. Her followers find her photos very sexy, energetic and happy.

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    What is Malu trevejo net worth?

    Her net worth is estimated at $100,000. She is just 16 so she has a long way to go!