Albert Pujols

Baseball first baseman
42 year
6 Feet 4 Inches
109 kg (240 lb)
Net worth
$170 million
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    José Alberto Pujols Alcántara is an American baseball star who is of Dominican origin. He is popular for his place with the LA in the MLB. He has had quite impressive professional gameplay that has seen him being the object of envy of many teams and he has been significant in the attainment of leading positions by his team ever since he joined it.

    Albert Pujols
    Albert Pujols


    The baseball star was born in January 1980 in the Dominican Republic to a softball player Bienvenido Pujols who was a serious alcoholic. As an only child, he often entertained himself with playing baseball despite his family not being able to afford him the proper gear. He was mostly brought up by his grandma in a very large household with a dozen other cousins.

    Albert Pujols
    Albert Pujols

    The whole family migrated to New York in 96 to seek better opportunities although a traumatizing event led the family further to Missouri. After high school at Fort Osage High, he secured a scholarship for baseball and he proceeded to MWC College.

    Albert Pujols
    Albert Pujols

    Baseball Career

    The star was first noticed in college where he was playing for the varsity team. He was subsequently picked for the Cardinals team in 99 for the 13th round of the MLB. He went on to put up a very impressive performance over his time with the team which went on to win two World Series Championships.

    Albert Pujols
    Albert Pujols

    Playing Style

    One of the most prominent characteristics of Pujols's career is his impressive swing. Unlike many professional baseball players, he has consistently delivered his perfect and accurate swing throughout his career. He has confirmed that it goes way beyond ability or practice habits but rather a well-developed intuition to predict the behavior of the swinger beforehand.

    Personal Life

    Pujols has always been business minded. He runs a restaurant in Missouri with another family. He also runs a joint soccer franchise. Besides the business interest, the baseball player also runs a foundation that helps people afflicted with Down’s syndrome. He was baptized as a Christian in 1998. During his career, the player has often been accused of lying about his real age, even as far back as high school competitions.

    Net Worth

    Albert’s worth is $170 million! Most of this wealth was made in his stint with the Cardinals as well as some of his contracts as a free agent. His business ventures have also brought in quite significant income with a yearly income of over 5 million dollars.