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    Eniko Parrish is an attractive American model from Maryland. She is popularly known on the public scene for her marriage to one of the topmost performing actor and stand-up comedian; Kevin Hart. She has however done quite well for herself besides being married to a star and is just as much a celebrity in her own context. Many critics have however pointed out that her success stems from her marital bond, poking holes at her actual talent outhouse the paparazzi flashes.

    What does Eniko Parrish do?

    Parrish was born on August 18, 1984, in Baltimore USA. She was raised by both parents in what appears to have been a very comfortable childhood. The model has however worked hard to keep her family affairs under wraps and away from the public eye. Her only revelation was that her parents have Jamaican origins with a mixture of both African and Chinese elements along the way. She has also kept the details of her upbringing and her siblings very much a secret to protect their peace. She is however rumoured to have dropped out of school at an early age to pursue her modelling carrier.

    Eniko Parrish
    Eniko Parrish

    Rise to Public Popularity

    The model first came into the public lime light after a mildly scandalous appearance as Kevin’s date at a Hollywood party in 2009. At this time, Kevin was still very much married to his first wife. Shortly after the appearance, Kevin split up with his wife of more than eight years with whom he had two beautiful children. The rumoured affair became a fact when Kevin proposed to the model soon after the divorce which confirmed all speculations regarding the two.

    Kevin went on to propose to the model during her 30th birthday celebrations. To top it all off, the proposal was recorded and posted to YouTube where it quickly garnered over forty million views. This was a major boost for both her work and public image. This scandal is also the reason why many critics are convinced that her success rides on her husband’s fame.

    Eniko Parrish with Kevin Hart
    Eniko Parrish with Kevin Hart

    Modelling Career

    The comedian’s wife is actually very passionate about her own career that is separate from her relationship with Hart. At a very young age, she made the move from her hometown Boston to the glamorous city of Los Angeles. This was an attempt to pursue her modelling interests better and make a career out of it. In this regard, she actually had quite moderate success on her own. Several notable shows cast her as a regular during this time ad she made a name for herself on the fashion scenes. She also appeared on the fashion show known as Rip the Runway by the BET organisation in 2013. This was quite a feat for her as many successful models have failed to secure a slot in this production. It was also however her only prominent appearance during her career.

    Eniko Parrish
    Eniko Parrish

    The affair with Kevin and subsequent marriage however brought about more attention for the model and she quickly became a wanted persona in Hollywood. She has since scored a lot of impressive roles in catwalk displays from within the United States to other shows abroad. Eniko recently made know her intentions of starting a bridal business. The odds of her success are pretty much favourable considering that she rides the fame wave of her husband Kevin Hart.

    Eniko Parrish
    Eniko Parrish

    Personal Life

    The model is married to Kevin Hart. After the scandalous affair back in the 2000s, they finally got together when Kevin divorced his wife. In 2016, the lovebirds wedded finally after more than 6 years of dating at an exclusive and small ceremony in California. Rumours at the time suggested that the surprise wedding after such a long relationship was because the model was pregnant however the couple denied this vehemently at the time. They were however proven to be true shortly afterwards.

    Eniko inherited two step kids when she tied the knot with Kevin from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart. A year after their wedding, the couple had their first baby. They named him Kenzo Kash who was born at the end of 2017.

    Eniko Parrish with Kevin Hart
    Eniko Parrish with Kevin Hart

    After less than year of being hitched to the Hollywood comedian, Eniko experienced first-hand the bitter side of love. Her husband Kevin cheated on her with a mystery woman whose identity was never revealed. The hubby however wet on air to publicly apologise ad profess his regret for his behaviour. Perhaps the most devastating issue about it all was that the cheating actually happened while she was pregnant with their first baby.

    Eniko however accepted the apology after Hart posted up the apology video on her Instagram. Sources close to the couple however said that Kevin only went public with the apology because he was being blackmailed for a whopping ten million dollars by someone who knew about the cheating and actually claimed to have video evidence. The apology was therefore a stunt to get ahead of the scandal without paying a dime which actually worked. Kevin confirmed the blackmailing publicly however made no indication that it was the reason for his public confession.

    How much is Eniko Parrish net worth?

    The model made quite a comfortable fortune before her marriage to the actor Hart. She was estimated to be worth well over a million dollars which she had made as a model for several brands and fashion lines and productions. Her yearly income was well over half a million at this time. After her marriage however, her wealth rose to a whopping 120 million dollars. This has however not stopped her from pursuing her own financial freedom through her modelling career. She has even ventured into several businesses despite her massive bank balance.