Halima Aden

26 year
5 Feet 6 Inches
50 kg (110 lb)
Net worth
$1 million
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not married
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    Halima Aden was born in the refugee camp that was located in Kenya on 19th September, 1997. She is a model in the United States of America and is very famous there. She was born in Kenya and was living there for six years and later migrated to America. The main reason of her overwhelming fame is that she reached into the semi-finals of the fashion modeling competition of the United States beauty contest. Fashion modeling has always been a source of advertisement for the biggest clothes designers all around the world. It gives the opportunity for them to showcase their talent that they have shown in the form of the designs imprinted on the clothes of the models.

    Halima Aden
    Halima Aden

    But a new trend is started and Halima was the one to start it. It is the wearing of hijab in the fashion show. This became popular because she reached the semi-finals and everyone in the world was watching it at that time. When she appeared in a hijab everyone got impressed because it was the first time in a fashion show. Whereas, America is also a non-Muslim state and does not support wearing hijab at all. It was a very big step because this could also have put her job of modeling in danger, but hopefully everything got right.

    Halima Aden
    Halima Aden

    Who are Halima’s parents?

    Halima Aden’s parents are not known to anybody because she keeps her personal life very secret whereas only this information about them is available that her parents belonged to the Somalian ancestry. The rest is untold and we even do not know how long it will remain a secret.

    Modeling career

    She got international recognition in 2016 when she participated in the competition of Miss Minnesota in the United States of America and became the first ever model in the world that participated in the competition by wearing a hijab. She also wore a burkini for the first time and got her name written in the books of history. Every person has a supportive audience and an opposition that always keeps discussing about him/her. Here was also the same case as some of the haters thought that it was a step backward in the modern fashion industry and could ultimately result in the reverse moving of the fashion modeling.

    Halima Aden
    Halima Aden

    After listening to all such bad comments, she did not let her morale down rather she lifted herself from here and reached the heights of success. She got her first contract signed for IMG models in the same year. The duration of the contract was three years. The New York Fashion Week debut was made in the month of February in 2017.

    Has she faced any difficulty in her modeling career?

    She has a totally different type of personality and in her contract, she has already mentioned that she will not take off her hijab as it is mandatory for her. So, this also affects her modeling life a lot as most of the people in America do not consider wearing a hijab. Due to this she has been criticized a lot. As she belongs to a Muslim family and in Islam showcasing your body is a sin due to which she also has to face the criticism of her family. But still she is a fighter and even with such criticism she has been able to achieve success.

    Halima Aden
    Halima Aden

    Did she play the role of a judge in any modeling show?

    Yes, she served as a broadcast judge in the Miss USA fashion show in 2017. This was also a turning point as she was later provided different contracts for different brands and also started ramp walking by wearing clothes designed by different brands. She reached into the semi-finals of the fashion modelling competition of United States beauty contest which gave her a worldwide recognition. But now she has another record to her name as she has become the first to be featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit by wearing a complete combination of burkini with hijab in 2019

    Who is Halima married to?

    At the moment, Halima is not married to anyone whereas she is in a relationship or not is still unknown. It is so because she keeps her personal life very secret. She might be in a relationship but nothing has been disclosed by her.

    Halima Aden
    Halima Aden

    Does Halima have a baby?

    As mentioned above, Halima is neither married nor in a relationship. There are some celebrities who have a baby without even getting married but Halima is not one of them. She has kept her personal life secret but it is clear that she is not having or had a baby.

    What is the net worth of Halima?

    The net worth of Halima is not exactly known whereas it is estimated that her net worth at the moment is almost $1 million. It is a hefty amount because she is just 21 years old and still a lot more is to come in her life. Although she has adapted a new styling method but she has been very successful in making her own individual and separate identity.

    Halima Aden