Daniel Webber

Australian actor
34 year
5 Feet 10 Inches
70 kg (154 lb)
Net worth
$1 million
Relationship status
not married
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    Daniel Webber’s full name (Daniel Peter Webber) was born in a suburb of the Gosford located in the state of New South Wales in Australia on 28 June, 1988. He is a fabulous actor and has performed in many movies made in Australia. He has performed in the movies that have earned fame worldwide.

    He has also played a major role in the television drama series produced by Netflix named the Punisher. He also played an important role in the movie The Dirt that was released in the year 2019 which is said to be one of his best acting roles in his whole acting career.

    Daniel Webber
    Daniel Webber

    Who are parents of Daniel Webber?

    Daniel’s father name is Peter Webber. His father was the owner of a company that used to remove tress from the forests to construct different wooden items. He worked on this project for about 20 years and earned a lot of money for his living.

    Not much is known about Daniel’s mother except for her name. Her mother’s name is Vick Webber. She was also a citizen of California and was born here.

    Does Daniel have any siblings? Daniel has two sisters as his siblings. The older one is named Kylie Webber whereas the name of the younger sibling is Sarah Webber. He truly loves his family by heart and cannot live without them. He is an excellent example of a perfect brother.

    Daniel Webber
    Daniel Webber

    Education and movie career

    He was born in Gosford California. He got admission in Green Point Christian College located in the same state of California. He used to be an excellent trampolinist when he was studying at college level. He turned out to be a great athlete. In the year 2000 at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics he performed as a trampolinist and was given a lot of applause by the audience. Later he started the job of the actor.

    Daniel Webber
    Daniel Webber

    How did he start his career?

    He started his acting career in the year 2009. He was given his first acting role in the movie The Combination that was released in 2009. This was the first glimpse of his acting as he carried on his career from there onwards and never looked back. He played a role of Darius Pike in the television drama series named as K-9 from the year 2009-10. He has also played a leading role in the movies such as All Saints and the Devil’s Dust.

    Daniel Webber
    Daniel Webber

    How did he step into the American movies?

    He was selected for the first time in the movie named 11.22.63. The movie was produced by a famous producer J.J.Abrams. This movie was the first movie assigned to him in the United States. He was selected for this role by sending an online video of his audition that got the judges attention. He prepared for this role in just 48 hours. When he was confirmed for the role, he was provided with all the available contents and information available for the role. The most important of them all was the novel on which the whole movie was based. Later on, he also had a study of the books with the topic related to assassination.

    Daniel Webber, movie 11.22.63
    Daniel Webber, movie 11.22.63

    Daniel Webber is no doubt a world class actor and we can believe in this statement after watching his audition video for the movie 11.22.63, produced by J.J.Abrams. but as we know that his acting career has just been boosted after his role in the Netflix series as a United States Army officers who is suffering from a disease named Posttraumatic stress disorder.

    Is Daniel Webber in a relationship or married?

    Daniel Webber has never displayed his relationship status rather keeps it very private but it is for sure that he is not married at the time. His being in a relationship news is also not confirmed but it is said that he has been in a relationship with a movie co-star. This is still said to be a rumor because neither of the two has yet confirmed this news.

    Daniel Webber
    Daniel Webber

    Has Daniel Webber any kids?

    Some celebrities have kids even though they are not married. They have kids from their girlfriends but Daniel is not one of them. He is neither married nor he has any kids.

    How much is Daniel Webber’s net worth?

    There is no exact information about Daniel Webber’s net worth. In 2019 his net worth is approximately estimated at $100,000 -$1 million.

    Daniel Webber with Lucy Fry, Premiere of Netflix's 'Bright'
    Daniel Webber with Lucy Fry, Premiere of Netflix's 'Bright'