Ana Cheri

American model
37 year
5 Feet 8 Inches
59 kg (130 lb)
Net worth
$3.1 million
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    Ana Cheri is the famous Instagram star, appealing model, sports woman, speaker, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, and fitness expert. She is famous for her fabulous looks and appealing figure. The growing usability of social media has provided her with the opportunity to make an impact on people from different parts of the world. Today, she has a large number of female and male fans not just within the United States, but from many other regions as well.

    The American crush is focused on promoting physical fitness in women. She is also the CEO and owner of his athletic gym in Santa Anna area of the Orange City. The name of her gym is ‘Be More Athletic’ and it contains modern machinery to exercise and make your body perfectly fit. The reason why this young woman has become overwhelmingly popular is her nude appearance on the PlayBoy magazine.

    Ana Cheri
    Ana Cheri

    She felt that portraying her complete body makes her feel even better. She got an enormous amount of money for being completely naked on the viral magazine. The playboy magazine got a tremendous amount of criticism due to her nude appearance. On the other hand, there were people who praised her for showing up body.

    Cheri has featured herself in several hot photo shoots, where she worn bikini and hot dresses. For those who don’t know, Ana has endorsements for the Ultimate Arm-wrestling League, Moskova Underwear, K and N Filters, Pretty Little Thing, Monster Energy Drinks, and 1st Phorm Supplements.

    Ana Cheri
    Ana Cheri


    The American fitness freak, Ana Cheri, was born in Anaheim, California. She first opened her eyes on May 16, 1986. The 33 year old (as of 2019) model also possesses the French nationality, which she revealed in one of her interview videos posted to social media. Very few people know that she belongs to Caucasian and Latino ancestry. She has beautiful and loving siblings who she were raised with in the Southern California.

    Alvin Cheri is the father of young model and her mother’s name is Amanda Cheri. Ana also has a young brother from same parents. Father and mother of Instagram queen are very loving and caring. Her mother is very beautiful even at an old age. She has green eyes and blonde hair, looking like the perfect Native American woman. Her father, on the other hand, is tough and dark guy from Mexican descent.

    Ana Cheri
    Ana Cheri

    Cheri has been working as a hairstylist in her early life. She started to focus on looks at a very young age. The model has great interest to make different hair styles, which paved her way to become a hairstylist in her area. She also went to school of cosmetology to learn more skills. The beautiful girl also earned a bachelor degree in marketing when she graduated from her college.

    Modeling Career

    Ana has a very bright professional career as she got a lot of opportunities from some of the most renowned brands in America. She has worked for various big names in the business and showbiz industry. She is also the motivational speaker and brand ambassador for Shredz. For your information, Shredz are the famous producers of weight loss and body building supplements in the United States. She has also been honored with the title ‘Instagram Girl of the Week’.

    Social media platforms with Instagram on top have given Ana a good rise in her professional career. She remains very active on all of her social media profiles and engages with her fans when possible. Ana also has a self-titled (Ana Cheri) YouTube channel to upload her videos on different health aspects including, healthy diet plan, beauty tips, motivational videos, interviews, lifestyle, exercise tutorials, question & answers, health suggestions, and more. As a result of her devotion and hard work, she has been able to get over 84K subscribers on her exclusive YouTube Channel.

    Surprisingly, Ana also wrote three eBooks. First two books written by athletic model are based on Bootie programs to get fitness and the remaining one book focuses on weight loss programs and similar tips. Cheri is not a pride woman, but her focus is to inject fitness concerns in general public. She wants everyone to live a healthy life, which should be free from all health conditions. A lot of people, especially women, have started to focus on their fitness and health after seeing her videos.

    Who is Ana Cheri's Boyfriend?

    Ana Cheri felt in love with her long-time boyfriend, the handsome Ben Moreland. Both of them kept dating each other for a very long period, and eventually decided to get tied in a wedding knot. They got married at the Miramonte Resort (Indian Wells) in 2011. Ana is leaving a happy life with his husband Ben and both of them don’t seem to have any marital issues as of today.

    Ana has no kids, probably she likes to maintain her figure and don’t want to give birth to babies as yet. Her husband seems to be very supportive in her decisions. He has never put any pressure on her wife. Ana didn’t have any other boyfriends.

    Ana Cheri with her husband Ben Moreland
    Ana Cheri with her husband Ben Moreland

    What is Ana Cheri's Net Worth?

    Due to growing demand in the health and modelling industry, Ana is making professional progress day by day. She is estimated to own a total net worth of $3.1 Million thus far. According to authentic reports, she is also getting around $300K USD from other income sources. The major source of getting clients for this beauty queen is her Instagram account. Seeing a lot of respect and appreciation from fans, she developed bikini brand titled ‘Want My Look’.

    She has also started selling other merchandisers to help grow her business. Ana has no plans to appear in Hollywood movies as yet because she prefers focusing on her health line.

    Ana Cheri
    Ana Cheri