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    Zachary Levi Pugh, professionally famous as Zachary Levi, is a talented singer and actor from America. He came to limelight with his prominent role as Chuck Bartowski in action-comedy television series “Chuck”. He further garnered critical acclaim through the title character “Captain Marvel” in the American superhero movie “Shazam”. The handsome actor has played significant roles in many hit television series, movies, and videos. He portrayed the character of Georg Nowach in 2016’s revitalization of “She Loves Me”. He was nominated for the Tony Award in recognition of his exceptional performance in the musical.

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    I was going thru some old photos today and stumbled upon these lil nuggets. I’m not exactly sure of the ages, but ima say that’s probably me around 5, 8, 12, and 15. In some ways it’s like looking at a stranger. But mostly I just see me in these young boys, or rather, I see all them in me. Funny how no matter how old we get, we can still reach back and feel our past selves. Though, for a long time, I didn’t want to. I didn’t like me. I didn’t love me. I was simply never taught what that meant, or how it worked. And that’s mainly because my parents never learned it from their parents before me. Our mental and emotional health can and will be permanently linked to our generational traumas until we stop the cycle ourselves. It took me 37 years of not loving myself before I broke down and didn’t want to live anymore. Ultimately, it was learning to love myself, and all these young, vibrant, fragile versions myself, that finally turned my life around. By truly and fully loving myself, I was now affording myself things like kindness, and patience, and forgiveness, and grace. Things that, because of my bad programming, I believed I wasn’t worthy of. You may feel that way too. You may feel that no matter how hard you’ve tried, it’s simply not enough. That somehow you have not, and will not, live up to whatever standards have been set that either deem us worthy or not. You may feel that while others deserve these things, you do not. Well, after having gone thru my own darkness, and finding light on the other side, I can assure you that you ARE deserving of kindness. You ARE deserving of patience. You ARE deserving of forgiveness. You ARE deserving of grace. YOU ARE DESERVING OF LOVE. The very fact that you exist on this planet is a miracle. And I pray that we can move forward in this life treating ourselves and each other as the miracles that we are. You are loved. Your are worthy of that love. You ARE love. It’s true. It just is. ? #goloveyourself

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    Levi has also been working as a flawless voice-over actor. He voiced for many renowned projects throughout his professional career. He voiced as Fynn Rider in a 3D Computer Animated movie “Tangled”. This was the film in which he performed the all-time favorite track “I See the Light” with co-singer named Mandy Moore. The song received a massive applaud and also the “Best Song for Visual Media” title at the annual Grammy Awards. The American star repeated the voice-over role in 2012’s 3D animated short film “Tangled Ever After” and 2017’s television series edition of the film. Other prominent mentions of Levi include the unforgettable appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies “Thor: Dark World” and “Thor: The Ragnarok”.

    Zachary was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The 39-year old actor has millions of fans from all over the world. He created a special status among American teens by working in Disney channel’s projects. He had developed a great interest in motor vehicles. He showed a massive interest in sports cars and motorbikes. He is always eager to drive new vehicles from the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. He is also an avid game player.

    Who are Zachary Levi”s Parents?

    Levi came to this world on Sep 29, 1980. He was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. The names of his parents are Darrel Pugh and Susan Marie. Both of them welcome their son with a loving heart. Zachary has two siblings: a younger sister and an older brother. He comes from Welsh ancestry just like his parents. Levi’s childhood has been divided into several states of the country before he finally established in Ventura, California.

    The guy had a keen interest in acting and singing. He always followed the greatest musicians and actors of his time. He started performing on stage as a child artist at the age of six. The star kept performing off and on during his study career. Soon after completing his graduation, he flew to Los Angeles in order to pursue his career in professional acting and singing industries. He also attended the acting school to polish his acting abilities. He received opportunities to play lead roles in local productions such as The Outsiders, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Oklahoma, Ojai Art Center, and the Big River. The struggling actor received advice from his teachers to use the middle name as stage moniker.

    Movie Career

    Levi kicked off his professional acting career through FX TV film “Big Shot: The Confessions of Campus Bookie”. During the early days of his professional endeavor, he also portrayed Kipp Steadman’s character on ABC television’s situation comedy titled “Less Than Perfect”. Another memorable mention from his initial days in the acting world is “See Jane Date”, in which he played the role of Charisma Carpenter’s potential boyfriend. He received his breakthrough in 2005 when he portrayed the character of Evon Schwarz in a short film called “Reel Guerrillas”.

    In 2006, the charming actor appeared as Kevin in a crime comedy movie “Big Momma’s House 2”. It was a sequel to Big Momma’s House released in 2000. John Whitesell was the director of this super hit comedy. In 2007, Zachary played two important roles of Berkeley and Ben Pillar in popular movies named “Spiral” and “Ctrl Z”. He worked as an executive producer for the production of “Spiral”. In 2008, he got flooded with amazing acting opportunities. He worked as Ben in “Wieners”, Zac in “The Tiffany Problem”, Lab Tech 1 in “An American Carol”, and Ray Rahman in “Shades of Ray”.

    Zachary Levi On What Makes Shazam Special

    In 2009, the American crush appeared as Troy Rakowski in the movie “Stuntmen”. The same year he showcased his matchless voice-over abilities in the live-action comedy “Alvin & the Chipmunks: Squeakquel”. In 2010, he adorned cinema screen with movies such as “Tangled” and “Byron Phillips: Found”. In 2011, the stunner made a splash by showing his spectacular talent in movies “No Rest for Wicked: The Moebius & Basil Adventures” and “Under Boardwalk: Monopoly Story”. Other significant movies that Levi worked in are “Tangled Ever After”, “Remember Sunday”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Office Uprising”, “Shazam”, “Blood Fest”, “Thor: Dark World”, “Defeat the Label”, “APEX”, and “The Star”.

    Apart from showing his truly amazing talent on big-screen, he also appeared in numerous television series, video games, web podcasts, music videos, and live theatre shows.

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    Last night was quite possibly the most surreal moment of my life. Over the last 20 years I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to grind my way thru this town, and this business. My journey has been an incredibly blessed one, but also not without its stumbles, struggles, darkness, and doubt. I’ve always believed that this was what I was created to do, but have also always known that there are no guarantees in this life. Truth is, I nearly gave up on the whole damn thing. Because of some bad programming I received as a kid, and despite the incredible jobs that I had been a part of, I still felt like a failure. That I had not, and would not, accomplish what I always thought I could or would or should. And then, perhaps in my darkest dark, I was able to save my own life thru the love and support and my friends and family, and the help of incredible professionals who took my hand and gently walked me back to understanding and loving myself, perhaps for the first time in my entire life. There is not a doubt in my mind that I was only standing on that red carpet last night BECAUSE I first learned to love myself while standing OFF of it. Words will continue to fail me as I will continue to thank all those who have helped get me here, but that won’t stop me from trying. I am so incredibly thankful to @warnerbrosentertainment, @newlinecinema, @dccomics, @ponysmasher, and Peter Safran for believing in me, and trusting me with this role and responsibility. You have quite literally changed my life in the most incredible of ways. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. There simply are not. ??

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    Personal Life

    Levi is one of the most happening and dramatic actors from the United States. He has millions of female fans from different parts of the world. The guy has rising popularity among American teenage girls. He married the glamorous and gorgeous Missy Peregrym, a famous Canadian actress. She announced their wedding on Jun 16, 2014, and told the world that they tied the wedding knot in Maui, Hawaii. The couple couldn’t enjoy their married life for long and decided to part their ways through an official divorce in April 2015. Levi has no child from his wife or former girlfriends.

    Net Worth

    Zachary mesmerized his fans through back to back hit movies. He also made appearances in more than a few television series including, Untitled Sisqo Project, Less Than Perfect, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Chuck, Brody and Friends, Team Unicorn, Imperfect Union, 4 Points, The Worst Week of My Life, Geeks Who Drink, Heroes Reborn, Robot Chicken, Hollywood Game Night, Remember Sunday, Telenovela, Alias Grace, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Psych: The Movie. He also worked in a few video games because of his great interest in playing video games. He also garnered appreciation through his songs ‘Terrified’, ‘First Date’, ‘I See the Light’, and ‘She Loves Me’. After working a lot, he has managed to accumulate a net worth totaled $12 Million.