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    Ashley Nocera is known as an Instagram star, athlete, pro bikini model, and YouTuber from America. The girl has become overwhelmingly popular on the internet due to her charismatic appearance, toned body, and attractive physique. She was categorized as one of the top 5 WBFF bikini contestant’s rankings. She took her start from social media and soon garnered critical acclaim on the internet. She has fans from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other major countries. Nocera is a very skillful lady when it comes to talking about the latest trends in makeup and fashion. You can see her talking about the recent changes in the fashion industry. That’s the reason why millions of people follow her in order to get the most recent updates about health and fashion.

    The striking athlete and pro bikini model is not a tall girl. She is just 5 feet and 1-inch in height. However, that average height doesn’t make her look ugly. She is the queen of thousands of hearts from all around the world. Ashley used to be very active during her childhood. She used to swim and dance without getting any directions from parents. She participated in the WBFF NYC Championship when she was just nineteen years of age. The lucky girl won the competition and made her parents feel proud. After the event, she takes part in the annual WBFF Global Championships on a regular basis. Nocera gets successful in making her place in the top ten every time she appears in the competition.

    After creating official profiles on different social media platforms, she was able to attract a massive amount of followers from different parts of the world. She had become an irresistible internet celebrity in 2016. The trendsetter woman has got more than 3 million Instagram followers. On Facebook, she has attracted over 80 thousand fans. The girl has a standing reputation on YouTube as well. Nocera’s fans keep waiting for her next videos, which ultimately gain thousands of views in no time.

    Who are Ashley Nocera's Parents?

    Ashley was born on Aug 15, 1994, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, United States. Her father, Gregg Nocera, was a professional bodybuilder. He served as the source of fitness inspiration for the young girl. She grew up seeing her father as a muscular man. The young girl always wanted to have a body akin to her father. She started taking interest in physical activities that could help her gain a toned figure. Nocera started swimming when she was just a four-year-old girl. Her parents often make appearances in Ashley’s social media posts. The stunner has a young sister with whom she spent the entire childhood. Both of them are best friends and share their stuff with each other. Name of Nocera’s mother is not known as yet. She hasn’t shared further information about her family.


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    The American crush was inspired by her partner Alex Sharoykin in 2009. He was the one who helped her gain a toned figure. He helped her through hard work out sessions. This was the time when Ashley had stopped swimming and started to give her body an athletic look. She began to play football, basketball, and other physical games to keep her body in perfect shape. She was an avid workout girl, who would visit the gym quite a few times in a week. Many people get tired when they visit the gym continuously for one month, but Ashley didn’t budge from her fitness mission. She has been visiting the gym and working out consecutively for three years. The fitness freak took a lot of care of her diet as well. She ate a healthy diet while working out at the gym. A balanced lifestyle helped her gain a body that she had dreamt of.

    After getting satisfied with her fitness level, she started to think about taking part in health and fitness competitions. Finally, the teenage girl took part in 2014’s WBFF NYC Championship to show her passion for fitness. This was the first time she appeared at a major fitness contest. Although, it was her first endeavor, yet she proved her abilities and ended up winning the contest. Her joy knew no bounds after winning this major event. This competition served as the basis of her professional career as a bikini athlete.

    After winning the fitness contest in New York, she qualified for the WBFF Las Vegas Championship. However, this time around she wasn’t able to portray her true talent and ended up securing 7th position. In 2015, she participated again and earned 5th place. In 2016, she became one of the leading social media influencers from the United States. She gets thousands of shares, comments, and views for every social media post. She created a self-titled channel on YouTube in June 2014. However, she uploaded her first-ever video in August 2014. There are many popular videos that the smart girl has posted to grab the attention of visitors. Some of the most spectacular ones are Girls Vs Food, 10K Calorie Challenge, Ashley Nocera, and Epid Cheat Day. All these videos have garnered millions of views on the largest video website.

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    If you had 1 wish, what would it be? ?‍♂️

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    Personal Life

    In 2009, Ashley got attracted by the famous social media influencer known as Alex Sharoykin. She sent her a request on Facebook after seeing him on the suggested friends' list. Alex accepted her friend request and both started to communicate with each other through this social media website. Finally, the day came when both met each other in person. After three months, the duo was in a relationship. Both of them have been studying together at the Wagner College located in New York.

    How much is Ashley Nocera's Net Worth?

    Ashley is a young girl with a lot of passion for health, fitness, and fashion. She has conquered the world of fitness at a very young age. The girl is considered to be as one of the top bikini models from America. She has millions of followers from around the world. Nocera is willing to work in movies and television series upon getting feasible opportunities. According to sources, she makes $7,844 to $13,073 from each Instagram post. The total net worth of young fitness freak is estimated to be around $300,000.