Jon Kortajarena

39 year
6 Feet 2 Inches
75 kg (165 lb)
Net worth
$82 million
Relationship status
not married
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    Jon is one of the gifts from Spain to the world of male modeling. He has an athletic body and has made great strides in the modeling notch. He is brilliant and a sought after model who has been listed among the world’s 10 most successful Male Models of all times.

    Quick Bio

    He was born on the 19th day in the month of May year 1985. His birth was listed in Bilbao, Basque Country in Spain. He is has been nicknamed Jon and has given much to the modeling profession. Nothing much was known about his family background except for the fact that the name of his mother is given as Nuria Redruello Sánchez.

    He has a straight hair type and keeps the length of his hair short. He is beardless and maintains an athletic figure that distinguishes him from the pack. He weighs 80 kg at a height of 6' 2". He has been caught smoking in the public on occasions. He is not a celebrity that has tattoos dotting his body. He has a dark brown hair color as well as eye color.

    Young Jon
    Young Jon


    He has paid his dues in the modeling notch and today stands very tall with an imposing figure in the notch. He was listed among the top 10 World’s Most Successful Models of all times. He has risen to the height of the profession and today fame and honor has located him in the industry. Today, Jon is one of the happening guys in the modeling profession.

    Jon Kortajarena and Adriana Lima
    Jon Kortajarena and Adriana Lima

    Personal life & Net Worth

    He owns an apartment in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain where he presently resides. He is white by ethnicity and a strong believer in God. To date, he is a member of the Roman Catholic Church where he fellowships with the brethren. Among his colleagues are listed, David Gandy & Luke Evans. His estimated net worth is put at a princely $ 82 million.

    To date, he has no house listed to his name. In the same vein, no car is listed on his name. Looking at his love life, he has not been able to reproduce his successes at the professional front in his home affairs. Just like the majority of Models before him who has gotten to the big stage, he has not been lucky in his affairs.

    Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena
    Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena

    It is on record that he has dated Luke Evans, Alfonso Bassave and Blanca Romero. None of the three relationships went through the distance. At 34, Jon is still single. It is yet to be seen even this 6th month of the year 2019 if Jon will enter into any serious relationship. Will he find love in 2019? The last half of the year will decide the answer to that question.

    He has no kids as at the time of writing this. He is a known bisexual. He is single as at this very moment in time. Ron presents a cool and mysterious personality in the world. This round-faced Model has given a lot to the modeling profession.