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    The stylish socialite with attractive eyes, Ayesha Curry, is a well-known Canadian-American cookbook author, showbiz celebrity, television personality, and professional cook. She has a massive fan following in Canada and the United States. She rose to prominence after playing guest roles in numerous television shows and films. After working in more than a few projects, she made her mind to start her own television endeavor. Ayesha started hosting a show captioned ‘Ayesha’s Homemade’, which turned out to be a breakthrough that she needed to gain international fame. People also know her show by the title ‘Ayesha’s Home Kitchen’. The show is broadcasted on the pay television channel ‘Food Network’.

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    Ayesha Curry speaks onstage during the Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite featuring Samsung culinary demonstrations

    She stepped into the world of culinary in 2014 without getting professional cooking training from any institute. The reason why she picked up this field as her profession was her ultimate love for cooking. Before showing her culinary skills on American television, first, she demonstrated through her official YouTube channel titled ‘Little Lights of Mine’. Aside from her professional career as a television host and video maker, she has authored a complete book on culinary. Published in 2016, the cookbook has been titled as ‘The Seasoned Life’.

    Ayesha tied the wedding knot with the love of his life ‘Wardell Stephen Curry’. He is a professional basketball player who plays for Golden State Warriors of NBA. He is a 6-time NBA All-star with a huge fan following across the country. The couple celebrated their wedding ceremony in 2011. They have been blessed with three adorable kids. Ayesha gained a lot of traction through her appearance on ‘The Great American Baking Show’. It is a cooking competition series similar to ‘The Great British Bake-off’.

    Who are Ayesha Curry's Parents?

    Curry was born on Mar 23, 1989, in Markham, Ontario, Canada. The future celebrity chef opened her eyes to multicultural parents. Carol Alexander, her mother, belongs to Jamaican, African, and Chinese ancestry. On the other hand, Curry’s father belongs to American, African, and Polish lineage. Ayesha was raised by her parents alongside four siblings. The talented beauty spent the early days of her life in Toronto. After living in Canada, the entire family switched to Charlotte, North Carolina. They started to enjoy living in the United States. Her mother runs a saloon in their home’s basement.

    She was accepted to the Arts York Drama at Unionville High School. Hayden Christensen also attended the same program at that school. Ayesha is a very intelligent lady who always focused on her professional and personal life equivalently. Her husband never had any complaints about the professional busyness. She pays attention to her family and profession whenever required. That’s the reason she is enjoying a happy family life with her husband and kids.

    Movie Career

    Ayesha entered the film world in 2008 when she made her debut as Cassie Stevens in a television movie titled ‘Dan’s Detour of Life’. Her debut year became very fortunate for the stunning lady. She got featured as a Girl in Bathroom in her next project titled ’10 Items or Less’. She performed pretty well in episode captioned as ‘Forever Young’. The next project of the amazing American actress was titled ‘Whittaker Bay’, in which she portrayed Keeley Hawkins' character. The same year she appeared in a romantic comedy called ‘Love for Sale’. She worked as the number one girl in this comedy film. Other costars include Melyssa Ford, Jason Weaver, Jackie Long, and Mya. It was launched on Oct 21, 2008.

    Steph & Ayesha Curry Get Cooking in the Kitchen

    In 2009, Curry played Andrea’s role in world-famous American musical comedy titled ‘Hannah Montana’. This turned out to be the real breakthrough that she needed to flourish in the acting world. In 2010, she appeared as a beautiful girl in a sitcom called ‘Good Luck Charlie’. Drew Vaupen and Phil Baker were the creators of this series. In 2014, the stunner surfaced as an amazing voice-over artist as voiced for the character of Marie in ‘The Little Ghost’. Aside from acting in movies, she has hosted and made guest appearances in television shows such as Family Food Fight, Chopped Junior, Guy’s Grocery Games, The Great American Baking Show, and Ayesha’s Homemade.

    Who is Ayesha Curry Dating?

    Curry is a sophisticated girl who always puts others first in her life. She spent a decent life alongside the rest of the siblings. After falling in love with Stephen Curry, she never thought of another person. They kept dating each other for three years. On Jul 30, 2011, she tied the wedding knot with the popular NBA player named Stephen Curry. Both of them first saw each other at the age of 15 and 14. They met at a church and later started to feel love for each other. The couple has been blessed with three kids. They live in Walnut Creek, California. We haven’t heard about Ayesha having extra-marital affairs with other men. She is an honest lady with a lot of respect and cares for her husband.

    How much is Ayesha Curry's Net Worth?

    Ayesha is a multitalented girl who can act, cook, model, host television shows, and perform many other activities flawlessly. Soon after entering the world of entertainment, she established herself as a skillful artist in the American showbiz world. She has served as judge in ‘Chopped Junior’ and ‘Guy’s Grocery Games’. The stunner has hosted a few television shows such as ‘Ayesha’s Homemade’, ‘The Great American Baking Show’, and ‘Family Food Fight’. After working in movies and television projects, she has collected a net worth estimated at $16 Million.

    She is a kind-hearted woman who constantly supports various social causes. Critics expect her to become wealthier in the next few years. Her husband, Stephen Curry, is a flourishing sportsman with a whopping $130 Million net worth. He had made this money from his profession as a professional basketball player.