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    Lil Zane was originally named Zane R. Copeland Junior by her parents at the time of birth. He became famous through his stage moniker ‘Lil Zane’ after entering the world of professional rap-singing. He is a famous rapper, actor, and comedian. The stunner rose to prominence after his debut studio album titled ‘Young World: The Future’. This was released in 2000 and received positive feedback from music circles. The all-time hit track ‘Callin’ Me’ became a wonderful success for the rising American star. The famous R&B quartet ‘112’ got featured in the song.

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    Lil Zane

    Born in 1982, Zane stepped into the world of entertainment in 1992. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has successfully worked with many prominent music labels such as Hollywood Fame Records, Priority Records, U.S. Entertainment, Capitol Music group, and Money Making Muzik. Furthermore, he has performed noteworthy associated acts with Sammie, Next, Romeo Miller, 112, JT Money, Luke, Dolla, and Bow Wow. He has been a part of controversies just like other notorious American rappers.

    Lil is best known for his outstanding work in the hip hop industry. He officially launched his debut studio album ‘Young World: The Future’ on Aug 22, 2000. It was rolled out through Priority, Worldwide, Capitol, and EMI. The album was launched in MD, CD, and LP formats. Other prominent albums that he has launched so far include ‘Under The Radar’, ‘The Big Zane Theory’, ‘Life I Live’, and ‘Tha Return’. Moreover, the outstanding rap artist has launched many hit singles, EPs, mixtapes, and compilation albums. He is determined to work further in the music industry and earn prominent titles through his amazing work.

    Who are Lil' Zane's Parents?

    Zane was born on Jul 11, 1982, in Yonkers, NY, United States. He is also known by monikers such as Life I Live Zane and LZ Stunna. Parents of the skillful boy named him Zane R. Copeland Junior upon his delivery. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He was interested in listening to different musicians during his childhood. The guy was just 10 years of age when he got inspired by Kris Kross and Another Bad Creation. After listening to a few rappers, he made up his mind to pursue a career in the American hip hop industry. He used to rehearse with his cousin named E.Greene.

    Lil grabbed the public’s attention for the first time when he was a part of a group called ‘Kronic’, which was signed to RCA Records from 1993 to 1996. In 1996, he started his career as a soloist. rap-singing began appearing in local contests and talent shows in Atlanta. In 1999, he accompanied 112 while recording the debut album.

    Music Career

    Zane rose to prominence with his hit track ‘Money Stretch’ in 1999. He launched his debut studio album ‘Young World: The Future’ on Aug 22, 2000, through Priority Records, Worldwide, EMI, and Capitol Records. It was ranked at number 4 on the US R&B chart. The next studio album ‘The Big Zane Theory’ was rolled out on Aug 19, 2003, through Capitol and Priority Records. It was made available in MD, LP, and CD formats. It also went into top charts and secured 34th position on the US R&B chart. Unfortunately, this wasn’t equivalent in success when compared with his previous album. Only 6,423 copies of the album were sold within the first week.

    The next musical creation of the American rapper was titled ‘Under The Radar’. He launched the independent album ‘Tha Return’ on Feb 26, 2008. Unfortunately, it couldn’t meet the success standards. The next studio album was titled ‘Life I live’ in 2017. It was launched through Universal Music Group, Money Making Muzik, and New Image. It was made available in LP, CD, and MD formats. In 2006, Lil Zane created a full-fledged music album titled ‘Under Tha Radar’, but it was never launched. He also worked on two compilation albums titled ‘Next Friday’ and ‘Cognito Presents That’s My Mic’. These were released on Dec 7, 1999, and Jul 20, 2005, respectively.

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    Rapper Lil Zane performs during halftime at the Celebrities vs. LAPD basketball game

    The talented rapper launched four mixtapes for his fans from all over the world. His first mixtape ‘The Missing Link Vol 1’ was released on Oct 26, 2011, via Money Making Muzik. The title of his 2nd mixtape was ‘Raps About Women’ which got released on Nov 11, 2011. It was also released through Money Making Muzik. The third mixtape came out under the title ‘Magic City Radio 2.5’ on Jul 7, 2012. The fourth mixtape ‘Champagne and Dirty Sprite’ was released on Dec 26, 2012, via Money Making Muzik. It was hosted by DJ Purifya. The talented artist has launched numerous hit singles throughout his professional rap career.


    Zane also worked as an actor in many television shows and movies. He proved his outstanding acting abilities by working flawlessly in different projects. Some of the most prominent acting projects include Dr. Dolittle 2, The Fighting Temptations, The Parkers, Motives, A Day in the Life, Finding Forrester, and Girlfriends. American folks admired the way he portrayed different characters in these movies and television shows.

    Money Making Muzik (MMM)

    Zane signed a two-year contract with MAM Group Incorporation after which he got his record label titled 3 Mill Entertainment (3ME). Name of the record label was changed as U.S. Entertainment in 2006. The record title was again changed to Money Making Muzik or MMM in 2010. She gave this name after acquiring the B1 Music Group against a hefty amount of money. Artists who are currently signed to the music label include D Phlo, Lil Zane, and Soulja.

    Does Lil Zane have a Girlfriend?

    Lil Zane has been in a relationship with more than a couple of women in the past. He never disclosed any information about his girlfriends. However, it is known to all that he fathered a daughter named Nina. He has a son named ‘Isaac’ from his former relationships. He has never married any woman thus far. Zane is currently living as a single. Names of his previous girlfriends are not known until today.

    How much is Lil Zane's Net Worth?

    The rapper earned a decent amount of money through his musical creations. After entering the world of professional singing and acting, he received manifold attractive opportunities to flourish in his career. He made the most of all great opportunities given to him. Today, he owns an estimated total net worth of US $2.5 million.