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    Tua Tagovailoa is a professional football quarterback from the United States of America. He plays for Alabama Crimson Tide, which represents the Alabama University in football. The guy is strong and talented enough to lead his team to manifold victories. The unbeatable sportsman wears the Jersey number 13 during his matches. The impressive player has a towering height and robust physique. Tua stands at a height of 6.1 feet and weighs 95 kg. His commitment to the University of Alabama is unwavering. He was an extraordinary child during his childhood. He used to focus on football and other sports during the early days of his life.

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    Born and raised in CDP Ewa Beach, Hawaii. He belongs to a mediocre Samoan family. The guy showed a deep interest in playing football. That’s the reason his parents helped him all the way until he joined the University of Alabama’s professional football team. According to his parents, Tua used to sleep with a football under his armpit. He is the oldest of his parents’ four kids. Tago started playing football at a very young age and attracted coaches with his exceptional skills in the playfield. The sportsman attended the Saint Louis School.

    Tua made his academic debut against 2017 Fresno State Football team at the Bryant Denny Stadium. He amassed a lot of respect, fame, and money over the last three years. He has become a prominent part of the American professional football. The amazing career stats tell the story of his outstanding performances. After completing his graduation from the Saint Louis School, Tua alongside the rest of the family members switched to Alabaster, Alabama. Here he started playing professional football to achieve his childhood dreams.

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    Who are Tua Tagovailoa's Parents?

    Tagovailoa was born on Mar 2, 1998, to Diane and Galu Tagovailoa. He opened eyes to a big family where a lot of interesting people welcome the little child from his father and mother’s side. Both of them tried their best to instill pure Christian values into their beloved son’s life. They took their kids to church on Sundays and worshipped there. The parents of the strong player noticed his keen interest in football when he was a little child. He started his initial football training with his father. The little master used to throw the football with his left hand in practice sessions with his dad. Galu made up his mind to train his little one for American professional football. That’s the reason he spent hours training his son to become a future star.

    He was just 8-year old during the Pop Warner games. During those days, he was able to throw the ball up to a distance of 10 yards. Normally, he began passing the ball over 30 yards. The amazing future star was 12 years of age when he started impressing coaches with marvelous sportsman spirit. Tua gained all the inspiration from his grandfather named Seu, who was known as Chief Tagovailoa. All the family members supported the little one to achieve his dreams in the future. Tua, just like his parents and grandparents, belongs to American Samoan ancestry.

    Football Career

    Tua’s football career kicked off in 2017 when he served as the backup to Jalen Hurts during the entire season of 2017. On Sep 9, the stunner made collegiate debut at the Bryant Denny Stadium against the Fresno State. He finished six of nine for 64 yards during his debut career passing touchdown. The player received more playing time during a 59-0 win against Vanderbilt. He recorded two passing touchdowns and 103 passing yards. The entire year was filled to back to back achievements for Tua. He also recorded a victory against Tennessee during the annual rivalry game.

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    Tagovailoa started his career at the opening game of the season and fought against Louisville, in Florida. The player completed 12 of 16, with 2 touchdowns and 227 passing yards in a 51-14 victory. The event took place before Jalen Hurts swapped him in the 3rd quarter. He drew the attention of different teams and their management while playing for his home team. The confident and spirited player never compromised over the quality of his efforts in the playfield. Furthermore, he received more than a few titles in recognition of his tremendous skills while being part of the home team.

    In 2019, Tua started the junior season at Chick Fil-A-Kickoff Game with a spectacular win against Duke Blue Devils Football in Atlanta. He ended 26 of 31 with 4TDs, 336 passing yards, and no interceptions. His performance has been truly miraculous during the entire season. The amazing sportsman built so many records in just a few years of his professional football career. He is determined to perform well in his future matches against other teams.

    Does Tua Tagovailoa have a Girlfriend?

    Tua is just 21-year old as of March 2019. The impressive football player is 6 feet and 1-inch tall with a healthy athletic physique. He attracted numerous female fans from the showbiz industry. The guy is firmly committed to his dream team of Alabama. The American football star is currently single. He has not disclosed any personal information regarding girlfriends and love associations. Some people say that he is in a relationship with an unknown woman. However, the sportsman hasn’t affirmed any such news thus far. He hasn’t unveiled future plans regarding engagement or wedding.

    How much is Tua Tagovailoa's Net Worth?

    Tagovailoa he stepped into the world of professional football a few years back. He is making progress by leaps and bounds. Critics expect him to become the leading star in the next couple of years. Tua didn’t come from a rich family. He struggled during the initial days of his life and made up his mind to pursue a career in professional American football. According to the recent information, he owns a net worth estimated at $ 72 million.