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    The compelling and skillful Chase Hudson is known as an internet celebrity and social media influencer. He has a massive fan following throughout his social media accounts. Today, people recognize him as a fabulous YouTuber, Social media influencer, and TikTok Star. Many people know him by his nickname ‘Muser’. He built a huge fan following in no time. Today, the stunner has more than 4.1 Million followers on TikTok and over innumerable fans on the photo-sharing app Instagram. On twitter, he has amassed a good number of followers.

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    You must be wondering what makes this tiny little guy so adorable. Well, his attractive facial expressions and catchy quick moves make fans feel awesome. The young guy loves taking part in healthy activities. He is very athletic and enjoys playing different sports. Usually, people gain experience in a certain sport, but Chase became a skilled sportsman in numerous popular sports. The American teenager belongs to Stockton, California. Initially, he fell in love with lip-sync social media application, known as TikTok. After establishing himself as a successful influencer, he went on to create official accounts on other social media platforms.

    Most of the content created by Hudson is based on either singing or dancing. According to the recent stats, he has over 619K subscribers on his official YouTube account. The total number of video views is 7,217,400 as of Jan 29, 2020. One of the core reasons why the majority people like watching his videos is Hudson’s ability to create outstanding content. He doesn’t want to bombard his fans with boring videos. He plans, actions, and create engaging content to get thousands of views in no time. Critics expect him to perform even better in the coming years.

    Who are Chase Hudson's Parents?

    Chase Hudson was born on May 15, 2002, in his hometown Stockton, California, United States. He is also known as Lilhuddy by the majority of his followers. The 17-year old (as of May 2019) American crush was born to a middle-class family. The names of his beloved parents are Tamora Hudson (mother) and Cole Hudson (father). He has been very close to his father and mother since his birth in 2002. The multitalented lad grew up with his two sisters. The names of his beloved sisters are Karissa Hudson and Marlena Hudson.

    After seeing his ultimate passion of video-making, the entire family supported and helped him in his professional endeavor. Soon after growing up as an adult, Chase surfaced as a striking TikTok Star and YouTube personality. He made his parents feel proud through the quality content that he created by working hard. Currently, Hudson is a high school student. He is relatively good at his studies. The father of the amazing boy is a school teacher in Lodi, California. He teaches at the Lodi Unified School District. His mother, just like his father, is a very kind-hearted woman. She manages his son’s content and shares it through his social media accounts.


    It is very fortunate for a 17-year old American teenager to see himself making progress day by day. He has achieved some many wonderful accomplishments at the age of 17. He created his official YouTube account back in 2015. This was the time when he didn’t start his endeavor on TikTok (previously known as Fabulous lip-sync videos of the stunner brought him to limelight across social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

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    After making a handsome amount of money through his social media accounts, he began his merchandising business. The young guy sells his merchandize on the vivid management store. He deals in products such as posters, phone cases, hoodies, and t-shirts. He makes money through his social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as well.

    Hudson’s professional appearance is currently confined to social media as he has not done any other significant project either on television or big screen. He is constantly looking forward to a reasonable opportunity to make his debut on TV or film. Critics expect him to find his fortune in the American showbiz and entertainment industry.


    Chase created his official YouTube account ‘Chase Hudson’ on May 8, 2018. He has accomplished so many wonderful achievements in just a couple of years. Today (as of Jan 29, 2020), he has amassed more than 619K subscribers. The number of video views has crossed the 7,217,400 figure. Most of his videos garnered millions of views just within a few weeks after posting to YouTube. Most of his videos are based on challenges, Vlogs, and fashion tips, etc. He is constantly posting videos to make his YouTube channel full of life.

    Does Chase Hudson have a Girlfriend?

    Chase is too young to get married. However, he has started his love journey with a beautiful girlfriend named Charli D’Amelio Saga. She is an attractive girl who also has a great love for Hudson. The duo is enjoying their romantic association with each other. The couple has been spotted at different holiday destinations. Hudson also posted their pictures on his official social media accounts. He is an outspoken person who doesn’t want to keep his love life hidden from fans. Nothing can be said for sure regarding the future of their love relationships. Fans of both want them to stay together for years to come.

    How much is Chase Hudson's Net Worth?

    Hudson makes a lot of money through sponsorships of products and services. He uses his social media accounts to advertise products of different companies and get paid in return. Adding more to his source of income, the social media influencer has kicked off his merchandising business as well. He sells phone cases, hoodies, t-shirts, and potters via Vivid Management Store. According to sources, he makes a hefty amount of money through his merchandising business and social media promotions. The young guy has amassed an estimated net worth of $475,000 at the age of 17. He is likely to become wealthier in the next few years. The ambitious guy has future plans to become more popular.