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    Ayla Woodruff is a ravishing social media influencer, Instagram Star, and Vlogger from Arizona, United States. The girl has attracted millions of hearts from around the world. The sensational hottie began posting her photos and videos to social media. She became successful in attracting thousands of folks in no time. Most of her videos are related to lifestyle, travel, fashion, and beauty tips. After the creation of her self-titled YouTube channel, the impressive woman has gained thousands of subscribers from different parts of the world.

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    Aside from her presence on the largest video streaming website, Ayla has millions of followers on her official Instagram and Twitter accounts as well. In 2017, she posted her first Vlog, which gained thousands of views. The girl has created a separate Instagram account by the name of her pet dog ‘Blue’. She manages the account and post updates related to her pet. The girl has attracted many renowned multinational brands due to her sensational appearance. She has modeled for Beyond Yoga Clothing, Levis Jeans, Lurelly Luxury Clothing Brand, and Rivis Bikinis.

    Brands see Ayla as an outstanding advertiser who helps them achieve sale goals throughout the year. The 27-year old (as of August 2019) impressive beauty was born in 1992. She spent her entire childhood with parents and two brothers. She has blue eyes, fair complexion, and brown hair that add more to her attractiveness. Ayla is looking forward to finding reasonable opportunities to showcase her talent in television series or American movies. She is likely to make her screen debut soon. She is also known for being the beloved sister of Blake Woodruff. He played the lead role in a film titled ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’.

    Who are Ayla Woodruff's Parents?

    The sensational celeb was born on Aug 26, 1992, in Arizona, United States. She is the much-loved daughter of Brian Woodruff and Diana Woodruff. The girl lived in Arizona with her parents and brothers named Blake Woodruff and Trevor Woodruff. Her brother, Blake, is a professional actor who showed his exceptional acting talent in different movies. Ayla has a sister named Raina Woodruff, who is also a fitness freak.

    The entire family relocated to San Diego when Ayla was a young child. However, Blake Woodruff went to Los Angeles to pursue his professional career as an actor. The internet sensation earned her degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of California. Ayla has been pretty closer to her parents since her birth.

    Social Media Career

    After reaching adolescence, Ayla witnessed other social media influencers. She was impressed to see what people were doing to become famous. She checked out portfolios and biographies of successful social media stars. After getting inspired by a few prosperous YouTubers and Instagram stars, she decided to pursue her professional career as a social media influencer. The girl started creating accounts across different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Ayla created her official YouTube channel on Aug 19, 2015. She has amassed a whopping 23,105,138 video views until today. The total number of subscribers to her YouTube channel is more than 771K. According to a description written on her channel, she also calls herself 4’ 11”. She has uploaded videos relevant to traveling, love, comedy, cooking, fitness, and beauty tips, to name a few. The short girl gets millions of views soon after publishing her videos.

    She created her official Twitter account in May 2017. Today, she has more than 49.2K followers from around the world. The dramatic stunner also has an official Instagram account, where she keeps posting spectacular photographs time and again. She has more than 1.6 million followers on her Instagram profile. Millions of followers across different social media platforms speak out about her followership all over the world.

    She claims to upload content related to travel, fitness, cooking, beauty tips, and challenges. However, most of her posts show off her body and fitness level. She likes showing her seductive body to gran more fans throughout her social media accounts. Sometimes, she has to see criticism from a few followers, but she loves doing hot stuff most of the time.

    According to critics, Ayla seduces her fans through hot photographs with an intention to grab the attention of film and television directors. She is constantly trying hard to grab the opportunity to appear on American television. On the other hand, Woodruff doesn’t believe these claims made by critics. She posts stuff just for fun and to entertain her followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. She has no hidden intentions behind her posts or videos. Her fans are hopeful to see the dazzling beauty making her debut in the film industry soon.

    Does Ayla Woodruff Have a Boyfriend?

    How can a girl with such a seductive and toned body stay away from the eyes of lovers? Ayla, due to her splendid beauty, has attracted more than a few men. After spending time with a couple of dudes, she fell in love with Mackinzie Dae. He is also a famous YouTuber and Instagram personality. The duo has been spotted together in Ayla’s videos and photographs.

    They love doing fun things together just to entertain their mutual followers. According to recent information, the couple has celebrated their engagement. However, they don’t seem to be getting married in the next couple of years. It looks like both want to become professional successful before tying the wedding knot.

    How much is Ayla Woodruff's Net Worth?

    Most of the social media influencers, YouTubers, Instagram Stars start their professional endeavor with an intention to make money online. They start with crazy things that attract viewers from all over the world. Ayla used her seductive looks to grab the attention of internet users. She began posting hot photographs and videos to social media accounts. Soon, she saw people coming to see her content online. She makes money through product endorsements and social media. Ayla Woodruff owns an expected net worth of $200,000. She is working hard to become more affluent through seeking a career in television and film industries.