Monty Lopez

47 year
5 Feet 10 Inches
88 kg (194 lb)
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    Who's Monty Lopez?

    Monty Lopez is a Los Angeles-based TikToker and entrepreneur. Monty was born on November 24, 1975. He is also the father of social media sensation Addison Rae.

    Monty Lopez's family

    Monty Easterling is married to Sheri Easterling and has two sons, Enzo and Lucas. The entire family is involved in the media industry, and they even have their own social media accounts under the name The Rae Family. They upload entertaining videos and lifestyle videos on popular social networks.

    Monty Lopez with his family
    Monty Lopez with his family / Instagram

    TikTok career

    Monty was a businessman who managed his own real estate company before becoming a TikToker. Monty chose to support Addison Rae when she became popular. In 2019, he created his TikTok account. Monty is clearly a wonderful and loving father who is always willing to help his children. He also has family accounts on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, where he has a large following base. Fans like following a popular family's daily activities; their family has created something resembling a reality show on social media.

    Is Monty Lopez in a relationship?

    Monty is married to Sheri, his children's mother. However, because Monty is a public figure, there are often speculations concerning his personal life. Monty was rumored to be cheating and flirting with young girls. Charli D'Amelio, a social media sensation, even liked one of the exposing videos.

    Monty Lopez with Sheri Easterling
    Monty Lopez with Sheri Easterling / Instagram

    How much is Monty Lopez's net worth?

    Monty has a net worth of around $700,000 as of 2022. Monty earns money through his social networks and the social networks of his family.