Rain Dove

34 year
6 Feet 1 Inch
64 kg (141 lb)
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$1 million
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    Known for being a model, Rain Dove was on born September 27, 1989. Besides being a model, she is also an actress and an activist, famous for her efforts in subversive fashion, as a gender-nonconforming model posing in front of camera lights as male and female in photo shoots, productions as well as runway shows. In 2015, Dove was one of Elle Magazine's 12 Women Who Are Redefining Beauty of Dove and was voted as SheWired's Most Eligible Bachelorette in 2014.

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    I love you. Wholly. Expansively. With the entirety of my being. No matter what you’ve done, where you’ve been, or how you’ve been- I love you. Every moment is a clean slate from right now. And now. And now. And now. And now. And now. And now, now, now. AND this love is granted to you without need for reciprocation. You don’t have to approve my lifestyle, find my body attractive, feel that I would be someone you would want to sit next to on the bus- it doesn’t matter. The love exists for you and you are not alone the moment you read this because I am here existing in this dimension with you and I care about your ability to acquire food, shelter, water and physical safety. Together- we are. #IamYours #EducateDontHate #BeingABeing #openmind #Lgbtq #genderqueer #genderfluid #genderisthematrix #TheseTitsDontJudge ?@alexgeana

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    Early Life

    Rain Dove’s real name is Dove Dubilewski. Despite being a known model today, she actually had a belief that she wasn’t attractive with her bigger physique that made others refer to her as "Tranny Danny". Dove started studying at the University of California, Berkeley taking up genetic engineering and civil law.

    Rain Dove
    Rain Dove

    During this time, she began showing herself as a man which many would believe because he already looked like it and entered the Colorado Firefighters with a male stage name and living with it for a year. By doing this, Dove realized that they were treated differently when dressed as a woman.


    Many are wondering why Dove entered modeling, and it actually started with a challenging nudge by a friend to present themselves as a man in a Calvin Klein casting for underwear. During the casting, just a pair of underwear was given out to them for the test shoot and when Dove showed up topless, the designer immediately grabbed a man’s shirt and said she should never tell anyone she was a woman.

    Rain Dove, Calvin Klein underwear
    Rain Dove, Calvin Klein underwear

    When the show ended, Dove was sought by many people for modeling gigs. After three months, they grabbed the opportunity on their modeling career and have stunned the runway of New York fashion week on both men's and women's runways since then.


    Dove purposely became homeless on her last year in high school to test a social experiment on the effects of being homeless on academics. After finishing the social experiment, Dove became more caught up in activism and politics and said even stated that they became fascinated by the idea of working for the United Nations prior to finding a fashion career.

    Rain Dove
    Rain Dove

    Dove is a supporter of the movement against North Carolina's HB2, which states that individuals had taken note of using the restrooms depending on the gender that they have in their birth certificate. Related to this matter, Dove experienced a situation of being pepper-sprayed in a women's restroom in North Carolina last 2018 by a woman who was deceived of Dove’s manly looks.

    Rain Dove wearing T-shirt Gender is over
    Rain Dove wearing T-shirt Gender is over

    Dove participated in a panel as a moderator when a new clothing line by the name Phluid Project caught their interest and supported it for being the first main non-binary clothing store in New York.

    Rain Dove
    Rain Dove

    Personal life

    Rain Dove’s girlfriend is actress Rose McGowan. They’ve been dating since 2018.

    Rain Dove with Rose McGowan
    Rain Dove with Rose McGowan

    Net Worth

    Rain Dove net worth is estimated at $1 million.