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    Who's James Hayes?

    James Hayes is a Minecraft player, vlogger and expert virtual world builder or ‘wizard.' He uses the name Waglington in-game. James is from London, UK. He is a former member of the British team of Minecraft ‘mighty wizards' known as "The Contractors" or "FyreUK."

    Young James Hayes
    Young James Hayes / Instagram

    James has managed to gain some audience on his social media channels:

    • Instagram: 26.1 thousand followers;
    • YouTube: 107 thousand followers;
    • Twitter: 68.8 thousand followers.

    He can be found on Twitter under the handle @wellington where he posts regular updates about his pets and personal life.

    Who are James Hayes's parents?

    James was born in London on September 14, 1994. There's no public information available about James Hayes's childhood, education and family life. He is an extremely reserved and private person. James has a fondness of pets, especially dogs. He has a cute black mutt called Link.

    YouTube career

    The future Mighty Wizard of the Realm of Mianite created his YouTube channel in 2012. He started uploading content regularly two years later. He focused on hardcore Minecraft playthroughs with mods and horror survival games like Five Nights at Freddy's. He also played modded Skyrim. James is a master crafter who has spent a lot of time studying Minecraft's in-game mechanics. This knowledge allowed him to make items like invincible "Resonant" armor or invisible wings. He is well-respected in the crafting and modding community being somewhat of a niche artist rather than a celebrity content creator.

    James Hayes
    James Hayes / Instagram

    Waglington gained a sizable following after starting his Mianite series which focused on the Minecraft's Realm of Mianite. He joined "The Contractors" as the fifth main player alongside BruteAlmighty, iFirez, and KillerTom63. James built smaller locations like the boat in a bottle for CaptainSparklez, Tom's Salt Shaker Lighthouse and the Modestep nightclub. He also created the town of Ianarea. James's alternative Minecraft character is Farmer Steve.

    In his spare time, James likes tinkering with artifacts and spells and writing lore books.

    Is James Hayes in a relationship?

    James is single. He had a scripted in-game "romance" with Minecraft creator Martha the Mystic.

    How much is James Hayes's net worth?

    James Hayes is worth laround $100,000 as of 2022.