Jenna Ortega

21 year
5 Feet 1 Inch
43 kg (95 lb)
Net worth
$2 million
Relationship status
not married
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    Jenna Ortega is a popular teen actress who rose to stardom with her role in the dramatic television series called Jane the Virgin. The American actress was born in September 2002 and is one of the youngest ever actresses to score such big roles in mainstream television entertainment and big production affiliates such as the CW. She still lives with her parents in her town of birth despite making enough money to be self-sufficient.

    Jenna Ortega
    Jenna Ortega

    Quick Bio

    Jenna was born to Mexican parents in California although her mother has Puerto Rican bloodlines. She is the 3rd from last child in a family of six children. Her acting career started way back in her early childhood when she was always taking part in pageantry productions. By the time she turned eight years old, Ortega was already getting attention from show casters and going for auditions for serious TV shows

    Jenna Ortega
    Jenna Ortega

    Acting Career

    Ortega first featured in the sitcom ‘Rob’ on CBS before attracting the attention of other serious roles like CSI. She scored another prominent role with Disney in 2016 where she featured in the ongoing show ‘stuck in the middle’ as a part of the main cast family. The most prominent of her roles is her portrayal of the innocent girl who accidentally got impregnated during a doctor’s visit.

    Jenna Ortega
    Jenna Ortega

    Her most recent work includes the expected release series ‘You’ which is on its second leg after a successful initial season. She has gone on to act films for television aside from the regular ongoing show features. Among these there is the third Iron Man movie. Her acting career has seen her sharing sets with famous actors like David Arq.

    Jenna Ortega
    Jenna Ortega


    Jenna Ortega has been a minor for most of her career hence she has kept most of her dating life non-existent however she has recently been rumored to be dating a co-star whose identity has remained anonymous. It’s only a matter of time however before someone spills the beans on this mysterious couple.

    Net Worth

    According to a 2018 evaluation, Ortega has a net worth of $2 million. This wealth has been amassed since a very tender age in acting roles and Disney voice castings. Her yearly income is averaged at almost half a million and with her upcoming roles, this is expected to spike up significantly.