Cleo Rose Elliott

38 year
5 Feet 10 Inches
54 kg (119 lb)
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$1.5 million
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    Cleo Rose Elliott is the prestigious musician, singer and multitalented American model. The spectacular lady spent her early childhood in Maibu, where she got the initial training to groom her singing capabilities. She was a very skillful personality from an early age. That’s the reason she learnt to play musical instruments at a young age. Later on, she also got training from the renowned musician ‘Joanne Barron’ who was at the D.W. Brown acting studio. She also got training sessions from the famous singer and songwriter ‘Charity Chapman’. She attained the musical education from the ‘Brown Acting Studio’ from 2002 to 2006. Yes, she stayed there for four years.

    Due to extraordinary talent in the music, soon she became an honorable member of the ASCAP or the American Society of Composers, Publishers, and Authors. She got the opportunity to meet her first producer on one of the ASCAP joint sessions. In 2008, Cleo launched her debut album with some of the most inspiring songs. The young and beautiful singer has also worked as a model for some time. However, later she started to focus on her singing and songwriting skills.

    Cleo Rose Elliott
    Cleo Rose Elliott

    She has been very successful in making her musical compositions worth-listening. That’s the reason the glamorous girl is getting a lot of attraction and fame from across the world. Cleo made her fans feel awesome with back to back musical hits. She had a great love for musical instruments from her early childhood. As she was growing up as a child, she used to play the guitar and the flute in her free time. Cleo paid attention to Bel Canto’s musical tradition and Italian Opera. Although, she was trained to become a singer, yet she initiated her professional career working as a model.

    Who are Cleo Rose Elliott's Parents?

    The beautiful young girl is the daughter of Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott. She spent her childhood with parents, and stayed under their guidance and provision. Bother her father and mother are famous actors who have been nominated for the ‘Academy Awards’. Katharine and Sam first met each other on the movie set of ‘The Legacy’, soon after their first interaction they started dating. After understanding each other, they finally decided to tie the wedding knot in 1984. Cleo was their first child, born on September 17, 1984. She was born in Malibu, California.

    Cleo Rose Elliott with her parents
    Cleo Rose Elliott with her parents

    Very unfortunately, once she wounded her mother by continuously stabbing her with knife. Cleo also threatened to murder her, which made her mother feel very frightened. Soon after Elliott stabbed her own mother, police came into her home for investigation. After the incident was reported to police, Katharine Ross was given the best security from police to avoid any potential harm that Cleo can cause to her. Police ordered Cleo no to go near her home in the future, until the matter gets resolved by court.

    After the issue got resolved, both of them met each other and forgot the past disputes. They decided never to get into clash with each other in the future. Now, everything seems perfectly alright between the mother and her daughter. Both of them can be seen together at different events.

    Cleo Rose Elliott with mom and dad
    Cleo Rose Elliott with mom and dad

    Music Career

    Cleo loved to appear as a model in the beginning of her professional career. Her debut modeling session went live on a famous hair-styling television show titled as ‘Sexyhair’. This was a live telecast in 2003. In one edition of the ‘Malibu Times’, she alongside her family appeared in photographs on July 29, 2013. The same year Cleo got invited to the ‘Emmy Awards’ and appeared on the red carpet with a very sensational look.

    Charity Chapman was not the only singer and songwriter who provided musical training to Cleo, but many other musicians also helped her learn different music skills. After becoming a member of ASCAP, Charity introduced Cleo to the music producer ‘Bobby Harby’. This was the time when Cleo finally showed her self-written songs to Bobby. Harby was literally impressed with her song-writing abilities and really liked her first compositions. Both of them decided to work on these self-written songs in the studio. Cleo was able to launch her first-ever solo CD titled ‘No More Lies’ in the year 2008.

    Cleo Rose Elliott with mother and father
    Cleo Rose Elliott with mother and father

    The album got a wonderful acceptance from fans across the United States. After seeing success of her debut, Cleo decided to work on further music projects.

    Personal Life

    Rose was personally inspired by famous names of Pink Floyd and Guns N’ Roses. She really wanted to follow the footsteps of big musicians including Fiona Apple, Jimi Hendrix, and Sheryl Crow. Cleo was also guided and trained by her grandparents Katharine W Hall and Dudley Ross. Both of them supported their granddaughter in achieving her goals in the music career.

    Cleo is said to have relationships with Randy Christopher Bates, who is also a musician and very talented artist. Both of them are dating each other. They have been spotted at different places together. However, the couple hasn’t confirmed their engagement or wedding plans yet. She has been in very good relations with her father, however, Cleo had a very controversial incident where she stabbed her mother. The issue got resolved and now both of them are living a happy life together.

    Cleo Rose Elliott with Randy Christopher Bates
    Cleo Rose Elliott with Randy Christopher Bates

    Net Worth

    The beautiful model, singer, and songwriter has been working on different modeling and music projects. She has also attended a few concerts, from where she was able to collect a handsome amount of money. Cleo Rose Elliott is said to own an estimated total net worth of $1.5 Million. She has collected such a big amount at a young age. She is likely to work on more music projects to accumulate more money in the next coming years.