Goo Hara

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November 24, 2019
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    Goo Hara was a beautiful actress and singer from South Korea. The pretty woman was also known monomymously as Hara by her fans and followers. She was born on Jan 13, 1991, in her hometown Gwangju, South Korea. The amazing star had a massive fan following not just within her homeland, but across the globe. Goo was known for being a prominent member of the all-girl music group known as ‘Kara’. In 2007, the group was created by the DSP media. The girl also worked in popular drama series such as ‘City Hunter’, which was released in 2011 on the South Korean Television.

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    In regards to her musical career, the stunner made her debut as a solo artist in July 2015. She came to prominence with her EP titled ‘Alohara (Can You Feel It)’. She is famous for working a lot on the ‘K-pop’ genre during her professional singing career. The girl has served as the lead vocalist while her association with the South Korean girl group Kara. She has worked under the music label of ‘Production Ogi’. The extremely talented girl was upset over cyber abuse. She couldn’t bear the kind of comments she was receiving from wicked people online. Eventually, she committed suicide on Nov 24, 2019, at her home in Seoul, South Korea.

    Hara released many fabulous tracks throughout her professional career as a soloist. She also made guest appearances in more than a few music videos by other artists. In 2013, she entered the acting world by performing a lead role in ‘Kara: The Animation’. In 2017, she portrayed the character of Yoon-Jae in movie ‘Sound of a Footstep’. Aside from movies, the stunner also appeared in several television series and reality shows. The amazing girl has also received manifold prestigious awards.

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    Who are Goo Hara’s Parents?

    Goo was born on Jan 13, 1991, in the 6th largest city of South Korea, Gwangju. She was born to very loving parents, who always supported the adorable girl throughout her life. She never made a request to her parents, but it was fulfilled. In 2005, Hara took part in the youth appearance tournament of SM Entertainment. Later in 2007, she also participated in the auditions of JYP Entertainment but was unsuccessful. The stunning girl went to Sungshin Women’s University for education.

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    Hara belonged to south-Asian ethnicity and had South Korean nationality. She did not disclose any further information about her father and mother. She had a very lively childhood. The girl did everything she desired with a free will. The girl used to be a very good student during her educational era. Both parents and teachers were satisfied with her grades at school and college.

    Music Career

    In 2008, Hara became an important part of the famous South Korean girl music group, Kara. She was welcomed after the former band member Kim Sung-hee left the group. She had a wonderful experience while being the part of South Korean musical group. She had great relationships with the rest of the group members. Hara became a part of KBS’s famous reality television show ‘Invincible Youth’.

    Hara "WILD"

    Hara launched her extended play titled ‘Alohara (Can You Feel It) on Jul 21, 2015. The EP was released under DPS Media and circulated by the LOEN Entertainment. Goo launched many wonderful singles throughout her singing career. Some of the most noteworthy ones are Secret Love, Choco Chip Cookies, Wild, Magic of Love, and Midnight Queen. She also appeared in famous songs including, “I Love You, I Want You, and I Need You,”, “Sign”, ”Shining Day”, and ”Talk About Love”.


    In 2008, she made a debut on television with a show called ‘That Person is coming’. It was aired on the South Korean TV MBC network. In 2009, the stunner portrayed a cameo role in action-comedy series titled ‘Hero’. In 2011, she was cast as ‘Hara’ in TV Tokyo’s drama series called ‘Urakara’. The same year she worked as Choi Da-Hye in SBS television network’s series ‘City Hunter’. In 2013, the amazing girl appeared on Fuji TV’s drama series ‘Galileo 2’. She played a cameo role in that particular television drama series.

    In 2014, she worked in ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ and ‘Secret Love’. Hara also worked in two movies named ‘Kara: The Animation’ and ‘Sound of a Footstep’. Both of these movies were launched in 2013 and 2017 respectively. Hara appeared in many famous reality television shows such as Hunters, Shaolin Clenched Fists, My Mad Beauty Diary, Check it Girl Season two, Seoul Mate, Invincible Youth, Unwavered Dreams, A Style For You, and On & Off: The Gossip.

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    Personal Life

    Goo had undergone minor dental and facial surgeries, which she admitted while her appearance on a famous reality television show called ‘Strong Heart’. She undergone the facial surgery to get her eyelids more defined. Goo had been romantically involved with the prestigious hair-dresser named Choi Jong Bum. Both of them first saw each other at the set of ‘My Bad Beauty Diary’.

    On Sep 13, 2018, Choi broke into Hara’s house at around 1:00 am. He started a never-ending argument which later resulted in an assault. Police arrived at the scene and took both parties into custody. Both of them posted photographs of their injuries online and told the story to the world. Hara received personal threats regarding her career, property, and public image.

    On May 26, 2019, Hara attempted to kill herself at home but was taken to the hospital right away. She was recovered soon and later she apologized to her fans. On Nov 24, 2019, she was found dead at her apartment in Cheongdam Dong, Gangnam. According to the investigational reports, she committed suicide and left a written note to let the world know about her suicide.

    How much is Goo Hara's Net Worth?

    The young and talented Goo worked in many music videos, films, and television shows throughout her professional career. She also launched more than a few striking singles and extended plays. The girl built a strong reputation across the globe and gathered a massive fan base. Unfortunately, she couldn’t live long to enjoy the beauty of life and died at the age of 28. According to alleged reports, the innumerable threats caused her to commit suicide. She owned an accumulated net worth of US $9.5 Million.