Logan Paul

Internet celebrity, YouTuber
29 year
6 Feet 2 Inches
85 kg (187 lb)
Net worth
$19 million
Relationship status
not married
Social networks
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    Logan Paul is an internet celebrity, famous for his work as a comedian and the musician. At the age of 10, Paul started working for a YouTube channel and posted different videos. Later he switched to different other channels and then moved to Vine. But after the closure of Vine networks, Paul pursued his independent platform and continued his passion for sports. Some scholastic inspirations made him pursue wrestling and boxing.

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    So far there is nothing much known about his early life. But the only thing in papers is his younger brother, Jake Paul, with whom he grew up. His father Gregory Allan Paul was a real estate dealer and mother Pamela, a housewife. His pattern of living resembles much to the concepts of the juvenile bread running structures as in the age he started publishing internet videos was too young.

    Further, Paul continued his education until his industrial engineering degree but never completed it as he left it to grab the opportunity to become an internet entertainer.

    Logan Paul

    Vine and YouTube

    Zoosh was the very first channel that hired Paul at the age of 10 to create videos for them. After a short career, he went for his studies, but later he began to pursue a lifestyle through Vine. A successful career came ahead of it leading his way to the increment of followers on every social network. As per claimed by Vine, every six seconds of Paul’s videos bring in hundred thousand dollars of ad money.

    Movie Career

    Following a successful career over the internet, Paul received offers as to part in a couple of short films. Just after the completion of the second one, YouTube Red offered a role in The Thinning which went on as a hit for the company. Later Paul even got a role in Baywatch, but that scene was not added for some reasons.

    Personal life

    For the record, there had been 6 girls Paul has dated so far. The first relation on the thread began with Jessica Serfaty in 2014 and carried on for the next couple of years. Then was a short-lived relation was Amanda Cerny in 2016. Later that year there was a rumor that Paul is dating Teala Dunn. But that is not really known that did he date her or not.

    Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty
    Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty

    By 2017 Alissa Violet, his younger brother’s girlfriend started appearing with him. Some thought she is his new girl, but some cast it as a rumor. By the end of the year, his pictures with Chantel Jeffries were everywhere. And by the summer of 2018, Paul started another short-lived relation with Chloe Bennet but that was over in the next three months.

    Logan Paul and Alissa Violet
    Logan Paul and Alissa Violet

    Net Worth

    Logan Paul is a key player for many of the internet video channels. And he earns them a healthy fortune through his skills. While as per the reports, Paul makes $19 million every year mainly through internet videos.