Clare Siobhán

33 year
5 Feet 2 Inches
58 kg (128 lb)
Net worth
$500 thousand
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    Who is Clare Siobhán?

    Clare Siobhán is a British YouTube star and gamer. She was born on August 6, 1989. Her hometown is the city of Leeds, which is located in England. Clare Siobhán is English by nationality and British Caucasian by ethnicity. Her religion is Christian.

    Who are Clare Siobhán's parents?

    Clare Siobhán was born into an ordinary English family in Leeds. She spent her entire childhood and still lives in this city. Her dad is Michael Callery, who is a construction worker and personal trainer. Her mom, Ann Callery, belongs to the Irish decants. Celebrity has a brother named Dane Siobhán. Clare Siobhán graduated from a local high school in Leeds and enrolled at Leeds Metropolitan University. Now, Clare Siobhán lives in London.

    Clare Siobhán with her mother
    Clare Siobhán with her mother / Instagram

    YouTube career

    In the English-speaking YouTube community, Clare Siobhán is well-known for her gaming videos, especially those where she plays The Sims and Mass Effect. She has loved playing games since childhood. And in 2006, she decided to create her own YouTube channel and start posting gaming videos. Then she became a marketing strategist, which allowed her to work with Sony, Xbox, and Capcom.

    Who is Clare Siobhán's boyfriend?

    Clare's first relationship was with a gamer named Alastair Aiken. They met in 2014 and started dating in 2015. The couple was engaged in 2019, but the marriage date is still not released. As of July 2022, Clare Siobhán and Alastair are still together.

    Clare Siobhán with Alastair Aiken
    Clare Siobhán with Alastair Aiken / Instagram

    How much is Clare Siobhán's net worth?

    Clare Siobhán makes money by selling ads on her social media accounts. Different sources say that her estimated net worth is about $500.000 in 2022.