Kyler Fisher

37 year
6 Feet
91 kg (201 lb)
Net worth
$1.5 million
Relationship status
married to Madison Bontempo
Social networks
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    Who is Kyler Fisher?

    An Idaho-native American YouTuber, Kyler Fisher, was born on June 16, 1987. His birthplace is the city of Boise. Kyler Fisher is of American nationality and white ethnicity. His religion is Christianity.

    Kyler Fisher with his family
    Kyler Fisher with his family / Instagram

    Who are Kyler Fisher's parents?

    Kyler Fisher is that kind of celebrity who never reveals any information about his family or educational background. All that is known is that Kyler was born into an ordinary middle-class family in Boise, which is located in Idaho state. Kyler Fisher spent the majority of his childhood and most likely finished high school here. Kyler has no siblings. It is unknown if he studied at a university or college.

    YouTube career

    Before starting his YouTube career, Kyler Fisher was an actor who played in some projects, such as Juarez 2045, Water, and Wild Horses. He wasn't that popular and never had a lot of fans.

    But everything changed when he and his wife created a family YouTube channel titled The Fishgram. It happened in 2016, and as of July, their channel is one of the most popular on American YouTube, with over 4 million subscribers. They post different lifestyle videos, challenges, pranks, and family routines. Kyler Fisher and his wife even collaborated with many celebrities, such as Jake Paul.

    Is Kyler Fisher in a relationship?

    Yes. As of July 2022, Kyler Fisher is still married to Madison Bontempo (Fisher). They became spouses to each other in April of 2013. Kyler and Madison have four children: twin girls, Oakley and Taytum, a daughter, Halston, and two boys, Oliver and Cohen.

    Kyler Fisher with his wife Madison Bontempo
    Kyler Fisher with his wife Madison Bontempo / Instagram

    How much is Kyler Fisher's net worth?

    Kyler Fisher makes money on his family's YouTube channel. As different sources say, his estimated net worth may be up to 1.5 million dollars.