Carly Incontro

viner, internet celebrity, youtuber
33 year
5 Feet 3 Inches
55 kg (121 lb)
Net worth
$1,5 million
Relationship status
not married
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    Who is Carly Incontro?

    Carly Incontro is an American social media celebrity known for her comedy video content on the YouTube platform on her self-titled channel.

    Who are Carly Incontro's parents?

    The future internet bomb was born on March 21, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska. Despite Carly featuring her father in several of her YouTube videos, there is very little information available about her parents' lives. Her mother's name is Lucy. Her father's name is unknown. Carly occasionally posts tweets addressing her mom because the latter is a Twitter user.

    YouTube career

    Carly Incontro created her YouTube channel in 2012, but did not find inspiration for shooting any videos back then. A year later, she signed up for the social network Vine which allowed its users to share short video clips. Carly's humorous videos had earned her 200K subscribers by the time Vine went out of business. In 2015, Carly and her roommate Erin Gilfoy launched a YouTube channel called 'Carly and Erin', where they post interviews with other Vine stars and comedy content. Fellow YouTube and Vine blogger David Dobrik is a frequent guest on the girls' channel.

    Carly also often gets together with another former Vine sensation, Brandon Calvillo. Carly, Brandon, Christiano Covino, and Klarity all appeared in the viral video clip 'Poorly timed surprise parties' posted by Jesse Calvillo. As of March 2022, Carly and Erin have amassed over 1 million subscribers. Carly also gave a second life to her own empty YouTube channel in 2018, when she finally started to upload videos. She is on Instagram and Twitter as well.

    Does Carly Incontro have a boyfriend?

    From 2016 until 2019, she dated musician Bruce Wiegner. The couple announced their breakup online. While they did not provide any specific reasons for their decision, both mentioned that they still care about each other. Carly is currently in a relationship with Nolan Feldpausch, whom she met during the COVID lockdown.

    How much is Carly Incontro's net worth?

    Carly's two YouTube channels are her major income sources. Carly Incontro's net worth is currently estimated at approximately 1.5 million dollars.