Walker Bryant

TV actor, TikToker
17 year
Net worth
$0.5 - 1 million
Relationship status
not married
Social networks
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    Who is Walker Bryant?

    Walker Bryant is a teenage TV actor, social media content creator, model and influencer from the United States. He has appeared in several indie short movies, and high-profile television series. When Walker is not involved in any film projects, he keeps busy making entertaining content for his social media followers. He is a member of a popular TikTok house called Vibe Crew, and a former member of GoatFamLA. Walker has managed to gain massive audience on his various social media:

    • TikTok: 1.6 million followers;
    • Instagram: 1.1 million followers;
    • YouTube: 0.88 million followers;
    • Twitter: 30 thousand followers.

    Walker is famous for his bleached spiky hair, piercing blue eyes and cute looks. He uses the handle @walkerjbryant for all his social media accounts.

    Who are Walker Bryant's parents?

    Walker Bryant is a Columbus, OH, native. His birth date is September 26, 2006. Walker and his sister, Alexandra Leona Bryant, who is also in the acting business, were raised by their mother, Jennifer. She had to move to Los Angeles, CA, to help her children succeed in the entertainment industry.

    Young Walker Bryant
    Young Walker Bryant / Instagram

    TV career

    Walker debuted on the small screen at the age of ten. He played a supporting role of a clown in a short film called "8 ½," directed by Bryce Edmonds. For the next five years, Walker took roles in various indie shorts. His bigger projects include "I Wrote This for You," and a 2020 made-for-television film called "DNA Killer."

    Walker is known to wider audiences for his portrayal of Young Jack in a few episodes of "Station 19," a firefighting-themed TV show set in the same universe as "Grey's Anatomy."

    Walker joined social media in 2017. He likes to upload videos of pranks, challenges and stunts performed on a skateboard or BMX bike.

    He often films commercials for brands like LEGO and Universal Studios.

    Who's Walker Bryant's girlfriend?

    Walker has dated several people, including actress Indi Star, singer Capri Everitt and popular TikToker Bella Moore. He has a platonic relationship with lifestyle vlogger Nicole Laeno.

    Walker Bryant with Bella Moore
    Walker Bryant with Bella Moore / Instagram

    How much is Walker Bryant's net worth?

    Walker Bryant's net worth is estimated between $0.5 - 1 million as of 2022.